"Tell me. Where can I find Damien Darhk?"
—Lonnie Machin to H.I.V.E. soldier after subduing him[src]

Lonnie Machin, nicknamed Anarky by Felicity Smoak, is the foster son of the late Crystal Olguin and the late Michael Olguin and a former part-time mob enforcer who was originally hired by H.I.V.E. to stop Jessica Danforth from running for mayor. However, after his disfigurement, he became an anarchist with the intentions of destroying both H.I.V.E. and Green Arrow; but he ultimately fails.


Mob enforcer

Lonnie Machin worked for Rick Pinzolo, the Bertinelli crime family and the Chinese Triad; eventually Pinzolo and many other criminal organizations fired him because they realized that Machin was not only too unstable and extreme, but he also lacks a moral compass and a sense of honor.[1]

Stint with H.I.V.E.

Machin began working for H.I.V.E., where he made an attempt to stop Jessica Danforth from running for mayor. After Machin's set up attack, he escorted Jessica out. When a security guard noticed he wasn't in Danforth's detail, Machin attacked the guard with his electric baton. Before he could go after Danforth, Oliver threw him off a balcony. Machin was chased by Oliver through the building and over rooftops but managed to escape, though he left his fingerprints behind on a windshield.

Later, he was told by Damien Darhk all he did was for nothing and that he wasn't worthy of joining H.I.V.E.. Machin asked for a second chance and Damien told him he has one last chance, as his organization doesn't believe in third chances.

Machin later kidnapped Madison Danforth in an attempt to make Jessica Danforth drop out. Damien met with Machin once more demanding to know the whereabouts of Madison. Although Lonnie was quite pleased with his efforts, Damien was visibly shocked at Machin's 'sloppy' and extreme tactics, declaring that Machin had crossed a line. Damien scolded Machin, citing his (Damien's) preferences and respect for order, precision and discipline and telling Machin that all he (Machin) represented was anarchy. Darhk subsequently terminated his and H.I.V.E.'s relationship with Machin and, before leaving, ordered Machin to once more clean up his mess. 

After he was rejected by Damien, Machin pretended to free Madison but broke her pinky, telling her he changed his mind. Shortly after, Team Arrow arrived. Lonnie used a flamethrower as a distraction and slipped away. After Green Arrow and Speedy went after him, Machin shocked Speedy with his baton. He battled Green Arrow and eventually overpowered him. He was then attacked by Speedy, who knocked him into chemicals as Speedy used the baton, setting Machin on fire, though he was extinguished by Green Arrow.

While being transported to Starling General Hospital, Machin escaped and killed 2 paramedics, before leaving an anarchist symbol behind.[1]

Hunting down Damien Darhk

Several months later Machin killed his foster parents. Now wearing a mask he went after Damien Darhk as revenge for his betrayal. He managed to find the lair of H.I.V.E. and killed all the guards present. However Darhk had anticipated his arrival and had fled. Machin stayed at his former home and placed a boobytrap as he expected a counterstrike from H.I.V.E. but Team Arrow showed up. He expressed joy to see them and then run off while planted rifles forced them to take cover. Speedy chased him and he knocked her over with an explosive. He mentioned to Thea that he would not hurt her as she had helped him get to his true self. As Speedy aimed her bow he asked her to kill him. Black Canary interrupted and Machin attacked her. However, he got surprised and knocked out by Green Arrow and Spartan.

Tied up to a pole he got questioned by Green Arrow. Machin refused to answer any questions and told him there was nothing he could do to him that he had not enjoyed already. Machin talked to Thea and told her she had burned away his weaknesses and now he had transcended to something better. He teased her that he knew she wanted to kill him and that she could not control herself. He mentioned he noticed the hunger to inflict death in her eyes. She was about to impale an arrow to his throat but then the cops showed up and she was forced to flee.

As the cops drove him away Green Arrow showed up and broke him free. Machin told him he would not tell him where Darhk was. Green Arrow set him free and told him he had to kill Darhk.

Machin was able to quickly track down the house where the family of Darhk was living. He painted his anarchy symbols all over the place and took his wife and daughter hostage. Calling Darhk to come he then prepared to torture them both while waiting. Team Arrow bursted in and freed the family. Machin was surprised that they were trying to stop him again. He engaged Speedy and Green Arrow in a fight and quickly subdued them before running off. Thea chased him and tied him to a tree with a trick arrow. Thea prepared to kill him, however, she stopped at the last moment. Disappointed that she would not kill him he broke free from his bonds. He quickly defeated her and then seemed to pause for a moment before he ran off.[2]

Rampage in Tevat Noah

Machin was able to find the underground H.I.V.E. facility Tevat Noah and infiltrated the place. He killed multiple guards and questioned some to learn more about the facility and where Damien Darhk is. Machin then took control of a house which controlled the CO2 scrubbers of the facility and threatened to stop the life support system. Machin mocked some captured guards about living underground like parasites and then prepared to shut down the life support system. Thea showed up and told him to stop. Machin told her to leave but she identified herself as the one who burned him. Thea tried to talk him down but as Machin did not respond, Malcolm Merlyn shot an arrow into his shoulder. Machin fired his gun at Malcolm and fled the scene.

Machin tracked down Alex Davis and knocked him unconscious. As Thea found him, Machin told her he was not pleased that she stopped his plan to take vengeance on Darhk. Since he now had to wait for Darhk, he had time to kill. He told Thea her problem was that she was always at the mercy of some guy. However, Thea is able to make her own decisions because she was not a pawn, but a queen. Thea attacked him and the two engaged in a fierce battle. As Alex woke up and regained his senses, Machin quickly knocked Thea down and told her he would liberate her from this guy clouding her mind. As Thea screamed for Alex to run, Machin gave him an electric shock with his baton, killing him. Enraged, Thea attacked him and was able to knock him out.[3]

As Malcolm Merlyn showed up with multiple H.I.V.E., soldiers, Machin quickly vanished from the scene. Wandering around the facility, he infiltrated the building where Ruvé Adams was and eavesdropped on her as she scolded Malcolm for his inability to take down Machin. He then managed to kidnap her and her daughter Nora and took them hostage in the power supply. He tempered with the engineering which made the energy supply highly unstable. Using a video he called out Damien to pay for his betrayal. If Damien would not show up he would kill his wife or daughter in 20 minutes and blow the entire facility up in 21 minutes.

He told Ruvé this was quite like before as she and her daughter where the bait again and he was again trying to kill her husband. As Ruvé told him Tevat Noah was the last safe place on earth and he was about to destroy it he mentioned that he was not a rational guy. Machin got shot in his leg with an arrow by Oliver Queen as he John Diggle and Thea Queen came in and demanded him to let Ruvé and her daughter go. He told them that shooting him would be unwise as the place was highly unstable and could explode with a missed shot. As Oliver told him he would not escape he tried to stab Ruvé with the arrow from his leg but got stopped by Oliver who shot him in the shoulder with an arrow. However a missed shot from Thea made the place go unstable and Machin quickly yanked the arrow from his shoulder and stabbed Ruvé in her heart. As the place was collapsing, Machin briefly Diggle, Oliver and Thea. He big goodbye to Thea and escaped.[4]

Against Star City

Five months later, Machin planned to destroy at least half of Star City using a bomb. However, he was confronted by Green Arrow. Seeing the vigilante, Machin used a pair of kamas to engage Green Arrow. After a brutal fight, the Green Arrow subdued Machin and impaled his hands against the wall with an arrow. Machin expressed disappointment that Green Arrow would not kill him, after which the emerald archer knocked him out, leaving Lonnie for the SCPD to arrest.[5]


Lonnie Machin leaves an anarchist symbol behind

Lonnie Machin leaves an anarchist symbol behind.

Lonnie Machin is a sadistic murderer and a psychopath, taking deep pleasure in making his victims suffer, as he was planning to torture Madison Danforth for hours. He killed cops and paramedics even while horribly injured himself. He enjoys playing mind games with his victims, feigning mercy before resuming his torture. He believes that the natural order of things is chaos, reveling in the randomness of things. Machin is shown to be confident and ambitious. He was barely fazed when Team Arrow burst in.

As an enforcer, he had worked for different factions but was assumed by many to be too unstable and extreme; because of this, he has been fired by many criminal organizations. When Damien Darhk rejected him he nearly crossed the line against him by grabbing his arm while protesting.

Machin has no guilt or remorse for killing innocent people, and does nothing to try to avoid it; he has no sense of honor or morals. He mentioned things find their way through the chaos and are not guided by rules, this philosophy of anarchy seems to be his code as he himself does not obey to any laws or even logic.

After Machin was burned he somehow considered himself to be more complete and mentioned his weaknesses were gone. During this period he also started painting anarchy symbols when committing crimes. He became totally obsessed with Thea and considered her burning him a baptism by fire. When he met Thea again he recognized pieces of himself in her and wanted her to kill him. He seemed highly disappointed and angry that Thea did not wanted to kill him. He has developed a weird sort of affection for Thea, calling her "mommy" for "creating him" by burning his body. He's been shown to care for her in his own strange way, commenting on his "mommy's" strength and good looks, as well as trying to "liberate her" from influence of other men on her life by killing Alex Davis.

After Damien sold him out, Machin became focused on taking him out. Obsessed with having revenge on Damien he even wanted to destroy Tevat Noah and kill hundreds of innocents in the process just to hurt Damien. He went after Damien's wife and daughter again and was even willing to die himself to cause damage to Damien, planning to blow up Tevat; killing Ruvé Adams Damien's wife, himself, hundreds of citizens and H.I.V.E. operatives in the process. He is completely aware that his rage has overwhelmed his judgement; when Ruvé told him that destroying Tevat Noah would doom humanity, he only responded "Did I leave you with the impression that I was a rational guy?".


  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician: Machin is very skilled in misdirection and preparation, able to skillfully get to his targets with little chance of being caught before it is too late. By himself he was able to identify and systematically target the vital systems of Tevat Noah and destroy the entire facility.
    • Expert interrogator/Torturer: Machin is skilled in the use of torture. He has a huge amount of tools at his disposal to make victims suffer. His skill in torture is such that he was able to crack one of Damien Darhk's "Ghosts" easily despite their reputation for preferring to die rather than give up any information about H.I.V.E. 
    • Master investigator: From the knowledge he already had after working with Damien Darhk, Machin was able to find the lair of H.I.V.E. and the house of Damien despite that they both were off the records and highly concealed. 
  • Peak of human physical condition: Machin is in top physical condition, able to deflect arrows shot at him.
    • Acrobatics/Free-running: Machin is able to quickly scale walls and jump over obstacles. He was skilled enough to flee from Oliver and avoid getting caught. 
  • Master combatant/Martial artist: Machin is a highly accomplished combatant and martial artist, as he was able to go toe-to-toe with Oliver Queen (under the persona of Green Arrow) on several occasions, though he only managed to best him in their first confrontation by using dirty tactics. Ultimately, Oliver was able to best Machin in their final confrontation, now aware of his fighting tactics.
    • Weapons proficiency: Machin has displayed proficiency in using sticks, Japanese kamas, knives and possibly other weapons.
      • Master stick fighter: Machin is a highly accomplished stick fighter. He is able to use an electric baton to block arrows and turn it into a three-section staff during combat. Using his skills, Machin was able to defeat Oliver in their first confrontation, though he fought dirty. He was even able to fight Oliver, John Diggle and Thea Queen simultaneously and fend them all off before fleeing, though it should be noted that his opponents were also struggling with the collapsing surroundings.
  • Indomitable will/High pain tolerance/Master survivor: In addition to his love of inflicting pain, Machin is shown to have a very high resilience to it. After being severely burned by Speedy, Machin was able to escape police-captivity while slaughtering the officers on duty. Even while suffering from three wounds inflicted by arrows he was able to keep going without slowing down and still fight with great efficiency. 
  • Stealth/Infiltration/Escape artist: Machin is highly skilled in sneaking around unnoticed. He was able to sneak up on Thea and take her out. He was able to break in the heavily guarded, underground facility Tevat Noah and move around without being seen; not even Malcolm Merlyn could completely track him.


Former equipment

  • Electric baton: Machin used an electric baton to fight Oliver. The baton is also capable of expanding into a three section staff.
  • Flamethrower: Machin used a flamethrower in his masked alter-ego, threatening Damien Darhk's family.
  • Kamas: In his latest confrontation Machin used a pair of kamas to battle Green Arrow.
  • Knife: Machin carries at least one knife with him. He used a knife to cut himself free after he was bound.
  • Mask: Machin would wear a Halloween mask following his disfigurement.



Season 4

Season 5


  • In the DC universe, Lonnie Machin is an enemy of Batman and Robin, known as Anarky. He is usually portrayed considerably younger, while donning a red cloak and golden mask. Although most versions of Anarky actually show him as a vigilante, who wants innocents to be saved, he sees the government as an enemy that must be destroyed, along with corruption.
  • Machin's stick-based and acrobatic fighting style appears to be a blend of the Japanese martial art Bojitsu and Chinese Wushu.
  • Machin is one of the few individuals to defeat Oliver Queen in combat on more than one occasion, and is one of the few individuals to do so without powers.


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