London is the capital city of England, and by extension the United Kingdom. In a possible future, the city serves as home to Rip Hunter and his family, and is one of the last free territories outside of Vandal Savage's domain. After Barry Allen returned from the speed force It was revealed that Julian Albert had returned to London and left Team Flash.


1895 London Scenery

London in the Victorian era.

In 1895, a secret society, named the Order of the Shrouded Compass, arose. Rip Hunter described the society as having "an obsession with the occult". Their beliefs include the magical properties associated with the total lunar eclipse, also known as the blood moon.

The Victorian myths of vampires became prominent. A vampire curfew was closely debated within the parliament. Victims of the supposed 'vampires' were autopsied to have experienced rapid blood loss, accompanied with a notable modus operandi: a bite mark which what appeared to be fangs that could quickly absorb the blood of a person. The 'bite' mark was actually a two-pronged needle created and used by a scientist of the Order of the Shrouded Compass to rapidly drain the blood of of his victims. During the total lunar eclipse, the blood was used for the resurrection of the time-displaced body of Damien Darhk.


In approximately 2152 in a possible future timeline, Vandal Savage assumed control of the Kasnia Conglomerate and used his power and influence to take over the world. London served as one of the last free cities of resistance outside of his control, but by 2166 it too fell to Savage's armies. During the siege of the city, Savage sought out and murdered Miranda Coburn and Jonas, killing them as retribution for Rip Hunter's numerous attempts on his own life.[1]


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