Lois Lane is a top reporter of the Daily Planet, an award-winning journalist and the girlfriend of Clark Kent/Superman. She is also the estranged daughter of Sam Lane and the older sister of Lucy Lane.


Early life

Lois was born in Metropolis to general Sam Lane, she has a younger sister, Lucy, but she never really get along with her.[1] Despite being raised into a family with a long military tradition, Lois never attended a military academy nor joined the U.S. Army, instead she pursued a career into investigative journalism, becoming one of the best reporters of the Daily Planet. Over the years, her relationship with her father became estranged, due to his immorality and control issues over her life.[2]

Lois won numerous award during the course of her career[3] and was one of the first reporters to interview Superman, remaining one of his closest allies and developing strong romantic feelings for him;[4] she also began a strong rivalry with Cat Grant during the period in which the latter worked as the assistant of Daily Planet's editor-in-chief Perry White.[5] When Clark Kent began to work at the Daily Planet, he was paired with Lois and fell in love with her at first sight.

Over the years Lois began a steady romantic relationship with Clark Kent,[4] although it is unknown if she is aware he and Superman are one-and-the same.

Trying to get an interview with Supergirl

Lois, along with Clark, was said to furiously be working on getting an exclusive with Supergirl when she appeared in National City.[5]

When Clark went on a brief visit in National City, Lois called him to ask if he was alright.[4]



Season 1

Season 2


Adventures of Supergirl


  • Unlike her DC comic book counterpart, the show's version of Lois and her sister Lucy do not get along at all.
  • Like her DC comic book counterpart, Lois does not have a good relationship with her father; partly due to his disapproval/interferes in Lois' relationship with men, and mainly because of his immoral traits; as Sam has a black and white view/anti-view on aliens in general.

Behind the scenes

  • Lois Lane first appeared in Action Comics #1 (June, 1938) and was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. She is an investigative reporter at the Daily Planet and Superman's main love interest.