Linda Park is a former small-time thief who after exposure to Harrison Wells' particle accelerator, gained the power of photokinesis and became a supervillain known as Dr. Light.

Linda was forcibly brought to Earth One by Zoom and extorted into killing Barry Allen/The Flash. Instead Linda tried to fake her death by killing her Earth One counterpart, then left Central City when this failed.


Dr. Light's criminal activities in media on Earth Two

Dr. Light's criminal activities in media on Earth Two, provided by Harrison Wells' data.

Little is known of Linda's early life other than she was a small time thief. When Harrison Wells' particle accelerator exploded underground sometime around December 2013, Linda was one of the many exposed to the dark matter, which made her a meta-human with the ability to derive power from starlight. Using these powers to further her own thievery, she began using the name "Dr. Light". She also had at least one encounter with "Jay Garrick/The Flash", but she had never killed anyone.[1]

Linda Park and Linda Park

Linda tries to kill her Earth One counterpart.

Linda was brought over to Earth One by Zoom to kill The Flash of Earth One. Linda, however, was uninterested in killing Flash, but was terrified of Zoom and begun robbing banks to get enough money to flee into hiding. When Linda was robbing Central City National Bank, Cisco Ramon got a vibe and alerted Flash immediately. The Flash arrived, but Linda used her powers to create a soundwave, sending people flying through the bank forcing Flash to save them and allow Linda to escape. Linda proceeded to rob another bank, but The Flash arrived moments after her and confronted her about Zoom. Flash knew he brought her to Earth One to kill him, and told her she didn't need to as they can help her. Linda however, scoffed at the idea and almost attacked Flash, but he managed to talk her out of it and tried to negotiate with her. Linda removed her mask and revealed herself. Flash was shocked and addressed her by her name, making her nervous and, in response, shooting out a large blast of light energy, causing Flash to go temporarily blind.

Dr. Light using her powers

Dr. Light using her powers.

Linda found out about her Earth One counterpart and stormed into Central City Picture News, blasting a van where Caitlin Snow and "Jay" were staking out the place. Inside, Linda confronted Earth One Linda and tried to blast her, but Eric Larkin intervened and Linda accidentally killed Larkin instead. Iris West shot her mask off and both Iris and Earth One Linda were stunned to see Earth Two Linda's face, but when "Jay" attempted to intervene, she fled. Desperate, Linda attempted to flee at the South Plaza train station in Central City, on platform 15, but Flash (Earth One) arrived and she begged him to let her leave. Flash refused because of Larkin's murder but she professed it was an accident and killing Earth One Linda is the only way she can escape Zoom, unless she kills him and fights him. Flash begins using speed mirages to distract Linda but initially she uses her powers to foil him. Eventually however Flash manages to deceive Linda and knocks her out with one punch. She was promptly detained in the Pipeline, to be used by Team Flash as bait to lure Zoom to S.T.A.R. Labs.[1]

Linda Park in the Pipeline

Linda in the pipeline.

Flash talked to Linda in the pipeline, who told him that she didn't want to kill anyone under Zoom's orders and was only trying to kill her Earth One counterpart to fool Zoom into thinking she was dead. Flash seemed to have convinced Linda to help out Team Flash. However, when Cisco came by to deliver some food to her, she used her ability to turned herself invisible and managed to trick him into thinking she had escaped, prompting him to open her cell door. She then quickly fled with only her helmet and suit remaining in the cell.[2] It's assume if she wasn't caught by Zoom after this she went incognito on Earth One with the stolen money and started a new life while simultaneously her doppelgänger started over in Coast City. It's unknown what to Linda following the post Flashpoint reality if she was still Earth One Bounded or went somewhere else like a new earth.


In contrast to her Earth One counterpart who is a strong willed, hard working, kind and level headed reporter, this Linda is an extremely paranoid and easily startled low life thief who used her gifts for personal gain. However Linda did have a moral stance as she never killed anyone before her abduction and arrival to Earth One, and didn't even want to kill the Flash when told to do so. However her fear of Zoom eventually made her snap and tried to kill her doppelgänger in a desperate attempt to fool Zoom, which accidentally caused her to kill Earth One Linda's boss Eric Larkin. When Flash tracked her down she also resorted to her original orders to kill Flash and attempted to do so but still expressed regret over killing Larkin. Linda does also seem to have a slight ego as when she first meets her Earth One doppelgänger she called her "gorgeous", meant as a compliment to herself.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Linda was struck by the energy of the Particle Accelerator explosion on Earth Two, this altered her DNA and supercharged her cells, augmenting her physiology into beyond peak human condition.
    • Photokinesis: Linda has the power to shoot out high energized blasts of light, as hot as a star, and as luminous. These blasts of light are able to blind someone temporarily, and possibly permanently, as well as cut through metal. Due to her light based powers, it is possible she can hit something moving as fast as the Flash if she aims properly as her blasts would move at the speed of life.
      • Hacking: Due to her powers, Linda can tap into any computer system with fiber-optic cables. This power seems fairly advanced since she can override the security systems at S.T.A.R. Labs, which is no small feat. 
      • Invisibility: Linda has the ability of turning herself invisible, probably by bending the visible light around herself and leaving her own body unseen. However, she can't turn any of her clothes invisible, forcing her to remove them to utilize this power effectively. 


  • Expert thief: Linda is a small time thief, even before she became a meta-human.



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, there are two different versions of Doctor Light; Arthur Light and Kimiyo Hoshi. However, in the Flash universe, Dr. Light is an alternate version of Linda Park.
    • Even though Linda is the second case of gender bending a 'villian' she's the first case to be an composite character with her gender alternative from the comics.


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