The Light of the Soul (Spanish: Luz del Alma), simply known as Light magic, is a type of magic that draws its power from light and hope. It was taught to Oliver Queen by Esrin Fortuna, as a way to counteract Damien Darhk's abilities, related to his control of the Khushu Idol. Nuns of the Catolic Church also has learned light magic, allowing them to call upon the power of God to protect themselves or others or exorcise powerful demons from humans.


Light magic works through channeling the positive aspects of the universe for good purposes. Light magic is able to combat Dark magic, which draws on the negative aspects of the universe, due to being it's opposite, though which magic is stronger depends on the quantity of soul power siphoned by a dark mage, the strength of conviction of a light mage, and the inner predisposition of a user of light magic to darkness. All light magic rituals and spells are connected to God, as light magic's holy and divine nature makes it God's prominent magic, who in addition to being it's creator, is also the source of power for light magic users and in addition to granting holy magical powers to those who invoke an incantation that contains his name, God can also grant additional magical strength to those who need it to perform feats that are above their ability to do if their faith is strong enough and can protect other humans should the caster pray for his aid to do so, as God gave Anne Marie Flynn, a practitioner of light magic due to being a nun of the Catholic Church, the power to exorcise a demon as powerful as Pazuzu and protected John Constantine from being permanently possessed by Pazuzu before the exorcism took place when Anne used all of her conviction and faith to pray to God to give her the sufficient power to do so.


Light magic's origins are unknown, but it is known that it was created by God, as all magic is Primordial and therefore God created all magic, including light magic. Light magic is in fact God's prominent magic.

This magic is commonly practiced by nuns of the Catholic Church.

Manny has said that as Light magic is God's primary magic, it normally cannot be used by those possessing dark magic but this rule has proven to not be absolute,as Esrin Fortuna and John Constantine, who are both also a user of dark magic, were able to perform light magic as well and Esrin was tasked with teaching Oliver how to use this type of magic, but she discovered he had more darkness than light inside him and gave up on teaching him. However, Oliver later used this power against Damien Darhk, after focusing on the memories of hope that his friends on Team Arrow gave him managed to overpower the darkness inside him. This allowed Oliver to protect himself from Damien's magic, forcing the dark sorcerer to flee.[1]

Damien Darhk, after losing his hope of giving his wife a better future through the Genesis project (with Tevat Noah destroyed), re-acquired the Rubicon program which would allow him to destroy the world in nuclear fire. He initiated the launch with the help of Cooper Seldon and led his Ghosts into the city streets, to assist him against the Green Arrow. Oliver was able to channel light magic once again, aided by the belief and hope of the people of Star City, allowing him to defeat Darhk in the final confrontation. [2]

Powers and abilities


  • Dark magic immunity: The user can protect themself against dark power such as life-absorption power of Damien Darhk.[1][2]
  • Divine empowerment: As God is the creator and source of Light Magic, users of Light magic can call upon God's power, allowing that said user to protect and exorcise themselves or others from demons as powerful as Pazuzu.


  • Darkness: If the user of this form of magic has more darkness than light inside themself, they will only empower their enemy more and will be unable to properly use this type of magic.[1]

Known users



Season 4


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