Liberty was a mining town in Colorado. In 1874, Quentin Turnbull had taken over the town in his quest to establish his own country.


In 1874, Quentin Turnbull killed a time pirate and stole a futuristic tracking device off of him that could track dwarf star ore. Turnbull then took over Liberty and forcibly enlisted everyone in the town to work for him in the mines extracting the dwarf star. In the process, Turnbull put his name on all of the businesses in the town.[1]

Turnbull's quest to create his own country caused a time aberration, so the Legends traveled to Liberty 1874 to investigate. After rescuing Jonah Hex from Turnbull's men, they infiltrated the town. Ray Palmer, Jefferson Jackson, and Nate Heywood posed as tax collectors to investigate Turnbull's office, while Mick Rory and Amaya Jiwe were posted in the saloon. However, Mick started befriending Turnbull. Jonah got frustrated with the lack of action and Mick's deviation from the mission so he went into the saloon to collect his bounty. This started a huge bar fight in the saloon. Turnbull then used dwarf star laced bullets that could cause explosions on impact so the Legends retreated. Mick lost control and went after Turnbull. Turnbull shot him but Nate used his steel powers and took the bullet for him. The dwarf star bullet was able to harm him unlike a normal bullet and was taken back to the Waverider for medical help.[1]

The Legends and Jonah Hex later stopped Turnbull's plan to blow up Summit Pass and destroyed his dwarf star mine. Jonah took him into custody presumably freeing the town from his ownership.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2


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