For the island of the same name, see Lian Yu (island).

"Lian Yu" is the twenty-third and final episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-and-fifteenth episode overall. It aired on May 24, 2017.


The battle between Oliver and Adrian Chase culminates in a final epic battle on Lian Yu. After recent events, Oliver decides to recruit a group of unlikely allies — Slade, Nyssa, Merlyn and Digger Harkness — to defeat Chase. However, Chase has his own armyBlack Siren, Evelyn Sharp and Talia al Ghul — and the forces collide in an explosive season finale.[1]




Preparation ran from March 29 until April 6, 2017. Shooting began on April 7 and ran until April 19, 2017, with a break on April 14 for Good Friday.[2]


  • This is the final episode of Arrow to feature flashbacks regarding the 5 years Oliver was away from Starling City (later known as Star City) which ended with the scene which is the beginning of the pilot episode; however, this will not be the final episode of the series.
  • The first line of the episode was "The name of the island they found me on is Lian Yu. It's Mandarin, for Purgatory", spoken by Oliver. This is the very first line that was ever said on the show, in "Pilot".
  • The flashback when Oliver runs to alert passing fishermen, as well as being rescued by them, was first shown in "Pilot". This marks the only time a clip has appeared in both the flashback storyline and the present storyline.
  • Stephen Amell revealed on May 21 that another yet unannounced surprise cameo appearance would happen during this episode,[3] which was later revealed to be Susanna Thompson as Moira Queen.
  • This episode marks a Spartacus reunion for Katrina Law, Manu Bennett and Nick E. Tarabay.
  • The first fight between Oliver and Adrian and in the flashback with him and Kovar slightly mirrors the season 2 finale episode Unthinkable in which Oliver and Slade Wilson were fighting in the present and in the flashblack. it also happened after that when Oliver ran through the forest past and present.
  • This is the final episode to credit Katie Cassidy as a special guest star. From the next season onwards she is credited as a series regular.
  • This episode, including the flashback scenes, takes place entirely on Lian Yu, and doesn't take place in Star City like most episodes.
    • However, Star City (back then was known as Starling City) briefly appears in the final flashback.
  • The scene where Adrian Chase dies is very similar to when Robert Queen dies in which they both put their gun on their heads and shot themselves in which Oliver couldn't stop them from doing so in time.
  • 3 out of the 5 major Arrow season antagonists appear in this episode - Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson, and Adrian Chase.
    • Ra's al Ghul is mentioned, but does not appear. This leaves Damien Darhk as the only antagonist that is completely non-present.


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