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For the island of the same name, see Lian Yu (island).

"Lian Yu" is the upcoming twenty-third and final episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-and-fifteenth episode overall.[1] It will air on May 24, 2017.


Preparation ran from March 29 until April 6, 2017. Shooting began on April 7 and ran until April 19, 2017, with a break on April 14 for Good Friday.[1]


  • This will be the last episode of Arrow to feature flashbacks, regarding the five years Oliver was away from Starling City, later known as Star City; albeit this will not be the final episode of the series.
  • This episode marks the return of Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson and Nick E. Tarabay as Digger Harkness/Captain Boomerang after not appearing after The Brave and the Bold and The Return, which was during the third season of Arrow at the time.


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