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Legends is Rip Hunter's unfinished thesis film that he both wrote and directed. It is based on his previous adventures with the Legends and their battles against Vandal Savage.


Sometime during or prior to 1967, Rip Hunter (under the name Phil Gasmer) became enrolled as a full-time film student in Hollywood, California. While there, he conceived the idea for a science fiction film which he unknowingly based on real events from his former life as a Time Master. Its plot loosely revolved around the Legends' battles against Vandal Savage, and contained characters based on his former team members, albeit with different names. The film ultimately became the final thesis project for Rip's degree, and went into production with fellow student George Lucas serving as prop master and actor Adam Glassman being cast in the lead role of "Rip Hunter". Peter, who was cast as the film's version of Savage, routinely delivered underwhelming performances, and Lucas had to convince Rip not to recast the role due to the time constraints put in place on when they had to deliver the finalized film.[1]

The MacGuffin of the movie was the Spear of Destiny, an all-powerful object which all of the film's characters were after. Unbeknownst to Rip, he himself owned a fragment of the real spear, which he gave to Lucas under the belief that it would make for a good prop in the film. This attracted the attention of the Legion of Doom and, in turn, the members of Rip's former team. Less than a month before Rip was meant to present a final cut of the film, the Legion attacked the set of Legends in an attempt to locate the fragment of the spear. The Legends arrived shortly after, and a fight broke out between the two sides, with Rip and Lucas caught in the middle. Lucas ran for cover and urged Rip to do the same, but he refused, insisting that he had to protect his film. The police arrived on the scene, causing the assailants to scatter, and they arrested Rip under the assumption that he had been involved in the fight. The incident caused Lucas to temporarily quit film school, and after Rip was later abducted by the Legion, it is unknown what became of the unfinished movie.[1]




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