An unnamed man (died 2016) was a drug dealer in Star City. He killed Laura Ramirez, and is responsible for her husband, Rene Ramirez, to become the vigilante "Wild Dog".


In 2016, the drug dealer broke into the Ramirez house in Star City, and made a mess. He pointed a gun on Laura Ramirez, threatening to kill her if she didn't pay him the 500 dollars she owed him. Her husband, Rene Ramirez went to a safe to give him the money. As he waited, Laura's daughter, Zoe, came to the room. When Laura told Zoe to get back to her room, the dealer knocked Laura down. He went to look for Rene, but unknown to him, Rene had a gun in the safe. The dealer was then shot dead, though he was able to pull the trigger as he fell to the ground, killing Laura.[1]



Season 5


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