Laura Ramirez (died March 2016) was the wife of Rene Ramirez and the mother of Zoe Ramirez.


Sometime before 2016, Laura met Rene Ramirez. They got married and had a daughter, Zoe. They lived in the Glades, and during that time, Laura took drugs. Sometime after the family got out of the Glades, she started using drugs again, albeit in secret.[1]

In 2016, Laura was supposed to go with her husband and daughter to a sports match, but Rene found out she was still taking drugs. They fought, but when Zoe came to the room, they denied the fight, and Rene told Zoe that Laura wouldn't be attending the game. After they left, Laura was confronted by her drug dealer, who pointed a gun at her head. When Rene arrived home and came in to the room, the drug dealer demanded $500 from him. Pretending to be reaching for the money, Rene went to his safe, intending to take his gun. In the meanwhile, Zoe came to the room. Laura, worrying about her daughter's life, ordered her to return to her room. Suddenly, Rene pulled out his gun and shot the drug dealer. However, as he fell to the ground, the drug dealer knocked the trigger, killing Laura instantly. Her body was found by Zoe moments later.[1]


Laura's death was one of the main reasons Rene became the vigilante "Wild Dog" to fight for Star City. Her death is also the reason Rene started carrying a gun with him, thinking that he could have saved Laura if he had his gun on him during the incident.[1]

After Laura's death (due to her reckless/irresponsible actions that put her daughter's life in danger), Zoe was taken to a foster home, not seeing Rene since. However, Rene eventually regains custody of his daughter.[1]



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