Lamashtu was a demon goddess of Hell. She is described by John Constantine to be "a bit of a glorified vampire."


Back before Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden, Lamashtu turned down Adam's proposal for marriage before Eve said yes and chose eternity as a goddess of Hell over a lifetime of obedience on Earth just like her sisters Lillith, Durgia, and Naamah.

It is implied that her influence on Earth diminished after the Great Flood, as the catastrophic event purged plenty of Hell-aligned beings and that since then she has only left Hell to eat her favorite prey, newborn children, before returning to Hell.

Lamashtu started working for a group of ancient and powerful warlocks called the Brujeria and one of her orders was to kidnap babies that descended from the family line of one of their members.

Powers and abilities


  • Superhuman strength: Lamashtu was able to hold John Constantine down into a fountain, nearly drowning him, while he helplessly struggled to break free.
  • Superhuman speed: Lamashtu can move at superhuman speed. She was able to instantly appear behind Anne Marie.



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