L-Corp, formerly known as Luthor Corp, is a company located in National City, formerly located in Metropolis.


Luthor Corp

The Luthor Corp building.

Following the incarceration of Lex Luthor, his half-sister Lena Luthor took over Luthor Corp. She renamed the company to L-Corp, hoping to make a better name for herself after the tarnished Luthor reputation.[1]

Known employees

Current employees

  • Lena Luthor (current leader and current owner and CEO)
  • Jess (Assistant)

Former employees

  • Lionel Luthor (original founder and original leader and firsr owner and CEO; deceased)
  • Lex Luthor (second leader and second owner and second CEO; incarcerated)
  • Lillian Luthor (board member; formerly)
  • Alana (Assistant; fired)



Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, the company is owned by Lex Luthor and is named LexCorp, although the name "Luthor Corp" was also used in a few cases.
  • Also, in DC comics, the company is located in Metropolis, though divisions of it exist in other cities.


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