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Kord Industries is a company located in Star City that is considered Palmer Technologies's top competitor.[1]


A logo of the company was seen in The Glades.[2]

Felicity Smoak worked for Kord Industries following Oliver Queen's loss of Queen Consolidated. However, due to her commitments to the Arrow, she frequently didn't turn up for work and was subsequently fired.

Known employees

Current employees

Former employees



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The Flash

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Arrow: Season 2.5

The Flash: Season Zero


  • In the DC comic books, the company's name is Kord Enterprises and is run by Ted Kord, the superhero Blue Beetle.
  • In some other DC comic issues the term industries was used, but the title was stylized "K.O.R.D. Industries", the acronym standing for "Kord Omniversal Research and Development".


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