"Kovar decided to expand his territory, a casino."
—Ishmael Gregor on Kovar's expanding turf[src]

A criminal organization was created by the Krasnoyarsk governor Konstantin Kovar, using his connections in the Russian government as a front. The organization controlled illegal fighting rings, human trafficking and expanded to building casinos. It was a rival to the Solntsevskaya Bratva.


When Oliver Queen first came to Krasnoyarsk, Russia, he joined an illegal fighting ring ran by Konstantin Kovar's man. Oliver's manager on the fighting ring was supposed to eventually arrange him a meeting with "Mr. Kovar", but bailed out when Oliver ended up killing Solntsevskaya Bratva's own fighting ring champion, who's been bringing them great profits, causing the Bratva to swear revenge on Mr. Queen.[1]

One day Kovar's thugs assaulted Cafe Lyublyu, one of the favored turfs of the Bratva in Krasnoyarsk, with Anatoly Knyazev considering it a declaration of war. Bratva Pakhan Ishmael Gregor told Oliver Queen that Kovar is using his position as a governor to expand his criminal enterprises, one of its facets being a new casino. Oliver was sent to the casino "owner" in the guise of an "American investor", but after his identity was revealed, knocked the man down, before sending his Bratva grunt partner to set up bombs around the building. The two were cut short as Kovar's own thugs took them prisoner. Later on, Kovar and his gangsters met Queen and the Bratva thug in their office, with the governor/crime boss murdering the Bratva grunt by himself.[2]

While Oliver Queen spent a week under torture at Kovar's mansion, the Bratva supposedly reached a compromise with Kovar's organization. According to Kovar, the Bratva agreed to lay off hostilities as exchange for a percentage of profits from Kovar's casino, putting a stop to the turf war. Oliver refused to believe this, after which the infamous governor ordered his thugs to take the American back to his cell. Before they could do so, he decided to give Oliver a beating, before getting interrupted by Ishmael Gregor of the Bratva, who confirmed that the two criminal organizations had a deal, but asked for Oliver to be released, saying that if he died, it'd be another cut out of Kovar's profits. Gloating at the defeated Oliver, Konstantin turned him over to Pakhan Gregor.[3]

With the help from Talia al Ghul, Oliver escaped the traitorous Pakhan and went into hiding together with her. In their discussion, Talia suggested him to hunt down a new target, another member of Kovar's crime ring: Misha Yurievich. Yurievich was behind human trafficking in Krasnoyarsk, providing Kovar with enslaved women. During a meeting with other gangsters at the loading bay, Yurievich was ambushed by Talia and Oliver, cornered and tortured by the latter, before his death.[4]


  • Unnamed casino owner
  • Unnamed fighting ring manager

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Season 5


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