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Ken Rabehl (1958—May 15, 2013)[1] was a resident of Starling City, a journalist and a heavyweight boxer.


Wildcat Grant and Ken Rabehl heavyweight match poster in the background

A poster of fight between Rabehl and Ted Grant is seen in the latter's collection behind Oliver Queen.

At an unknown year, in September, Ken participated in a Heavyweight boxing match against Ted "Wildcat" Grant.[2]

Ken wrote an article on Oliver Queen's mysterious reappearance in Starling City in 2012 for World News. Laurel Lance later used a clipping of the article when trying to pair Oliver and The Arrow.[3]

Ken was in The Glades during the earthquake, and was ultimately killed. A gravestone for him appeared in the cemetery dedicated to the earthquake's victims.[1]


  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Rabehl was a heavyweight professional boxer.



Season 2

Season 3



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