Kate Spencer (died May 2014) was the district attorney of Starling City. She was to be the prosecutor had Oliver Queen's case gone to trial,[1] and appointed Laurel Lance the lead council on Moira Queen's trial following Adam Donner's kidnapping by Cecil Adams.[2] She later reappointed Laurel to her job and had all charges against her father for working with The Arrow dropped, both times being blackmailed by Laurel. In "Streets of Fire", Kate was killed by one of Slade Wilson's soldiers.


Season 1

In "Damaged", when Oliver Queen was charged with acting as the vigilante, Arrow, Kate was brought on as the prosecution. She admitted that she believed Oliver to be the vigilante, though she believed it was related to post-traumatic stress disorder and offered him the insanity plea. Oliver rejected the deal instead for a polygraph, though were he to fail he would accept the plea.

Season 2

In "State v. Queen", after Adam Donner, who was the lead council on Moira Queen's trial, was kidnapped by Cecil Adams, Kate appointed Laurel Lance as his replacement, deciding that the jury knew her best.

In "Birds of Prey", Kate apologized to Laurel Lance for Adam Donner's actions with saying that he had no authorization to give her her job back and said that nothing changed, but stating Adam was no longer employed for trying to capture Helena Bertinelli. Laurel however threatened to expose Adam's involvement if Kate didn't rehire her, which she complied with stating that she was surprised, thinking blackmail was beneath Laurel.

In "The Man Under the Hood", after Quentin Lance was attacked in prison Kate herself went to visit and Laurel threatened to sue her if she didn't drop the charges against Quentin for working with the vigilante, which she authorised. However, as Laurel left Kate warned her to pick her battles, as they wouldn't always go her way.

In "Streets of Fire", Kate was killed by one of Slade Wilson's soldiers against Sebastian Blood's orders. Meaning despite his madness, Sebastian valued her life.


Sometime after her death, a woman named Susanna, succeeded Kate as the district attorney of Star City.



Season 1

Season 2


  • In the DC comics multiverse, Kate Spencer is also known as the vigilante Manhunter.


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