Kamilah is a student who attended an all-female school in Kahndaq, Africa before her capture by Onslaught.


Kamilah was asked by her teacher to read from the board, however before she could finish the teacher was shot dead. A group of masked men captured the girls, promising them that they would show them the right way, not the heretical nonsense they'd been tought.[1] They were taken to a cave in the Ahk-Ton Desert where they were held by the group. They watched on as the leader, Khem-Adam, recorded an announcement.[2]

A while later, a general entered the cave, asking for payment in the form of a wife. With Khem-Adam accepting, the general picked Kamilah. However, Mesi Natifah intervened, claiming that she was perhaps a little more suitable and able to fulfil his needs.[3]



Arrow: Season 2.5


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