An unnamed K'hund was a former prisoner of Fort Rozz (prison).


The K'hund was arrested by Krypton's military guild, brought before Alura Zor-El, and sentenced to Fort Rozz After Fort Rozz crashed on Earth, the K'hund escaped along with the rest of his fellow convicts.[1]

Arrest by the D.E.O.

Hank Henshaw sent Supergirl after a gang of bank robbers who were lead by a Fort Rozz escapee, K'hund. The D.E.O. engaged the K'hund in the middle of robbing an armored truck. As planned, they lure him toward Supergirl to finish him off. Kara easily gets the better of him, but surprisingly lets him go, saying he isn't worth her time. The D.E.O. later apprehend the K'hund themselves and while being taken to a holding cell he revealed Supergirl let him go, as she was affected by red kryptonite.[1]

After Non had taken over National City using Myriad and forced Lucy Lane to unlock all of the D.E.O. containment cells, the K'hund beat on his cell wall in anticipation.[2]

Powers and abilities

  • K'hund physiology:
    • Super strength: Due to his K'hund physiology, he was much stronger than a normal human, but weaker than a Kryptonian[1]
    • Super durability: Due to his K'hund physiology, he could take hits from Supergirl without damage, while she quickly overpowered him.
    • Super leaping: Due to his K'hund physiology, he was able to jump extreme distances.[1]



Season 1