"You wanna make this city great again, this is how. With business, money."
—Justin's argument with The Hood[src]

Justin Claybourne (died December 2012) was the CEO of Claybourne Pharmaceuticals, an associate of the black market profiteers AK Desmond Group, and the man behind an outbreak of tuberculosis in Lamb Valley. His name was on "The List", subsequently leading to him being killed by the Hood.[1]

However after his death, his son Simon Morrison would take up the mantle of "'Prometheus"' and avenge his father.


In around 1986, Justin Claybourne had an illegitimate son, who would later be known as Adrian Chase. He was eventually divorced from his wife, who made mention of this son.[1]

Around 26 years later, Claybourne had become a corrupt businessman connected to the AK Desmond Group, a secretive organization that operated on the black market.[1] He had a loving relationship with his son, until he found out that Simon had psychiatric issues and was in the process of disowning him.[2] In cahoots with AK Desmond, Claybourne released their weaponized tuberculosis in Lamb Valley, threatening many lives, while his Claybourne Pharmaceuticals produced a cure, Dycloseral, the price of which went from $10 a pill to $1,000 overnight. As the Hood, Oliver Queen tried to intimidate Claybourne during a meeting with his associates into stopping the operations and making things right, but when that didn't work, he went on a killing spree through Claybourne's guards at AK Desmond Group's Starling City hideout on 1852 West Maple, on the 30th floor, before finally cornering and killing Claybourne.[1] According to his autopsy, Claybourne didn't die from the arrow shot in his chest, but by drowning in the pool, where he lasted for 145 seconds before finally dying.[3]


After his death, Claybourne's illegitimate son began ruthlessly training and took up the mantle of "Prometheus", seeking vengeance for his father.[1]



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