Julio Mendez (died 2017) was a lounge singer. In an alternate timeline dubbed "Flashpoint", Mendez was the police captain of the Central City Police Department.



Julio Mendez in Flashpoint

Mendez in the Flashpoint timeline.

Barry Allen encountered Julio Mendez during his three months of life in a timeline, dubbed "Flashpoint" by Eobard Thawne. In this timeline, Julio was the captain of CCPD, acting as a senior officer to Joe West and Barry Allen at the precinct. As captain of the police force, he expressed worry for his subordinates' well being, Joe in particular. He also greeted Barry as he showed up to work, commented on his good mood, and asked for any info on the Rival. During the clashes between the Flash and the Rival, Julio organized evacuation of civilians in those Central City districts that would become epicenters for the clashes between meta-humans.[1]


In the new timeline, Julio was a lounge singer. One night after a gig, Julio exited the club and was met by Clive Yorkin, a meta-human who could decompose people at an accelerated rate, seeking ought all of the cops that arrested him in Flashpoint. Julio was promptly killed by Yorkin.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • Alex Désert previously portrayed Julio Mendez in the 1990s The Flash TV series, in which John Wesley Shipp portrayed the title character.
  • Julio being a lounge singer is a reference to Alex Désert's position heading popular ska/reggae band Hepcat, which has toured around the world, released four albums and even played on Conan.


The Flash

Season 3


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