Julie Greer is a journalist working for The Central City Citizen. In the post-Flashpoint timeline, she wrote an article in 2024 detailing The Flash's disappearance, which had previously been written by Iris West before the timeline was altered. However, the timeline was soon changed again and the article was once again written by Iris.



In the post-Flashpoint timeline, Julie became employed as a journalist with The Central City Citizen sometime prior to April 25, 2024. For that date's edition of the newspaper, she wrote a front page article about The Flash, titled "Flash Missing Vanishes in Crisis".[1]

Due to Savitar's failed attempt at assassinating Iris West, the newspaper had changed back to being written by Iris West-Allen, leaving Julie's fate and career unclear.


The Flash

Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Julie Greer was a reporter with KN News during Wally West's time as The Flash.


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