Joseph Falk (1970 – 2013), also known as The Savior, was a rogue psychotic vigilante. He passed death sentences on those whom he believed had wronged the Glades. This behavior was caused by the murder of his wife during a robbery. He broadcasted his "sentencing" over the internet on a website called Glades Betrayed. However, he was ultimately killed by Oliver Queen (under the persona of the Hood) before he could kill Roy Harper.


Joseph was born in Calvin City in 1970, and moved to Star City at the age of 6 in 1976. He graduated from P.S. 149 in 1998. Living in the Glades, he picked up a few odd jobs, among which included a car wash attendant and a custodian at St. Therese Academy. He met his future wife at the latter, and they married in 2005, when he took a job at the Starling City Department of Transportation as a computer technician. He retired in April 2012, following the death of his wife, subsequently falling off the grid.[1]

Joseph began hunting people who he believed made the Glades a horrible place, and broadcasted them to a website, Glades Betrayed. Among these were John Nickel, Gavin Carnahan, and Roy Harper, the former two whom he shot to death on-camera on the site. Oliver Queen discovered his use of the abandoned Starling City subway and killed him before he could kill Roy.[1]


Since his death, Joseph has only been mentioned in a negative way, particularly by Roy Harper; due to his unspeakable actions.


After the murder of his wife, Joseph became a deeply disturbed and violent man, driven insane from his grief. Desperate to change the Glades, he became self-righteousness and began acting as judge, jury and executioner on those who he believed had wronged the Glades that he deemed worthy of it.

Joseph's delusions arrogantly made him think that he was saving the city from criminals. However, in truth, he only did it to make himself feel better at failing to get justice for his wife as his targets were only scrupulous individuals who never technically broke the law or petty thieves that never truly harmed anyone. Ultimately, he was a hypocrite for claiming that he was only going after criminals when he himself was guilty of breaking the law.

When confronted by Oliver Queen (under the persona of the Hood) a man who also has killed people, the vigilante attempted to reason with him and make him accept that his actions were too excessive and ultimately would help no one as his actions were only serving to mask his own pain. Despite Oliver understanding Joseph's pain, the deranged criminal refused to back down, convinced that his actions were justified determined to continue his actions in cold blood and no remorse. Ultimately, Oliver was forced to kill him to save Joseph's next victim as the remorseless widower was beyond reason and would never had stopped.



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  • Joseph claims that he was inspired by Oliver (under the persona of the Hood) and that they are the same. However they are quite different; Oliver currently kills his enemies in self-defense, or to save the lives of innocent people, but tries his best to avoid it, he never acts as judge, jury and executioner, he also willingly gives his enemies a second chance.
  • Joseph has many similarities to Malcolm Merlyn; both losing their wife to criminals, and going after people they both blame despite not being a part of their wives deaths. However, in return Joseph defends the Glades while Malcolm wants to destroy it.


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