Jonas (died 2166) was the son of Rip Hunter and Miranda Coburn. He was named after his father's old friend, Jonah Hex.[1]


Jonas witnessed Vandal Savage's raid in London and watched helplessly as his mother was killed by Savage's men. Savage asked for the boy's name and then said that his mother was brave as his father was foolish, asking Jonas which was he. Jonas responded by spitting in his face and was promptly shot dead afterwards. The deaths of Jonas and his mother were the catalyst for Rip to time travel back to 2016 to recruit 8 men and women who had a minimal effect on the timeline to help stop Savage once and for all.[2]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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  • Ray Palmer has speculated that Jonas was named after Jonah Hex.
  • Despite being from London, England, to British parents he spoke with a Canadian accent, his actor's natural accent.


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