Joe Wilson (born c. 2002)[citation needed] is the son of Slade Wilson and the late Adeline Wilson, the potential future half-brother of Grant Wilson, and the former godson of the late Billy Wintergreen



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Behind the scenes

  • Joseph Wilson first appeared in the DC comic series Teen Titans (Tales of the Teen Titans #43), as the mute superhero known as Jericho. He would later become an on-again, off-again villain to the Titans, due to assorted reasons.
  • In the comic book continuity, Slade Wilson had three children: Grant, Joseph, and Rose. Rose is the only one of his children to have not yet appeared or been mentioned in the Arrowverse, most likely because of another Slade-trained female that took the codename and costume of Ravager on the show, Isabel Rochev.
  • It was revealed in the comics that Joseph Wilson is Bisexual.