"Hello, father. It's been a long time."
—Joe Wilson to Slade Wilson[src]

Joe Wilson, also known as Kane Wolfman, is the leader of the Jackals and a former agent of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. He is the son of Slade and Adeline Wilson, the brother of Grant Wilson, and the godson of the late Billy Wintergreen.


Early life

Joe and Slade take a photo together

Joe and Slade take a photo together.

In 2004, Joe went camping with his father in Milford Sound, New Zealand. He found some flat ground and pitched his own tent. That night, his father cooked some fish, despite Joe claiming to not like it. Deciding he wasn't hungry, he went for a walk. The following day, the two of them threw a rugby ball around. Another camper, "Darryl", walked past with his family. Slade had Darryl take a photo of him with his son, before he and his family left. For lunch, Joe tried some fish, which he decidedly liked. He continued eating it while his father claimed to go to the bathroom, while he was really going to kill "Darryl", who he'd deduced was a secret agent named Sen Ming. Not long after, they left Milford Sound to return home.[1]

Following in his father's footsteps

When his father went missing during the mission to Lian Yu, Joe went on to follow in his father's footsteps, joining the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, finding himself in the Republic of Kasnia, taking a new name, "Kane Wolfman". Found in the wrong place at the wrong time, Joe was imprisoned. However, he was soon freed by the Jackals, becoming their leader.[1]


Joe is displayed to hold his father, Slade Wilson in high regards. However, he is revealed to be a twisted individual upon reuniting with his father, clearly not the same boy Slade expressed his fond memories of to Oliver when they were both on Lian Yu.


  • Peak of human physical condition: Joe is in top physical condition thanks to the special training he went through in ASIS in order to become an effective killing machine for the sake of the country. Joe is very durable and resilent. He has quick reflexes like his father, being able to catch up with his fast strikes and slashes. He was able to quickly recover after Oliver Queen knocked him out, and his physical condition and skill allowed him to fight his father, one of the most physically powerful individuals in the world, Slade Wilson on equal terms for an extended period of time (although the latter was holding back).
    • Acrobatics: Joe has skills in acrobatics as he was able to jump over the panel where he fought with his father and quickly depart after being stopped by Oliver Queen.
  • Expert combatant/Martial artist: Joe is a very powerful hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, a trait that he shares with his father, Slade Wilson. His close-range skills are very effective and his own ruthlessness and anger makes him even more powerful. Joe is shown to combine his hand to hand combat with swordsmanship in order to take his opponents down. His skill is great enough that he was able to fight evenly against his father Slade in battle, who is one of most powerful combatants in multiverse and was able to defeat who dozens of members of his group without a scratch (albeit the latter was holding himself back), altough he was still defeated and needed to use his father's feelings for him to gain the upper hand. His battling style is very similar to Slade's own, that mostly relies on Escrima and Muay Thai, with different supplements from other martial arts.
    • Military training: As a former agent of the ASIS, Joe went through all sorts of training, far surpassing the capabilities of ordinary soldiers.
      • Expert swordsman: Like his father, Slade Wilson, Joe is extremely powerful swordsman. Joe is able to fight his father, who is one of deadliest fighters in the world, on equal grounds and even gain the upper hand in some moments (albeit the latter was holding back), but was overwhelmed ultimately.
      • Expert stick fighter: Joe is a expert stick fighter, able to spar with his father, Slade Wilson and impress him.
      • Master marksman: Joe is excellent marksman, who is able to use different types of guns and firearms. His skill in marksmanship allowed him to quickly kill several soldiers, while they were in the truck.
  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: Joe is very intelligent and calculative tactician, just like his father, Slade Wilson. He is able to create extensive plans that could bring disaster to the entire country. He created several quick and effective strategies for combat, infitration and diversion in order to attack the water supply system of Republic of Kasnia. Joe was able to become the leader of Jackals quickly and lead them to silent and almost successful destruction of Kasnia. Joe is shown to be very perceptive person, who cannot trust somebody easly and carefully observes is target, as he still suspected his father in hiding something and wasn't surprised after his betrayal.
    • Explosives expert: Joe is very skilled in usage of different explosive materials and bombs, being able to use them with maximum accuracy and destruction. He created a plan to take down the water supply system of the entire country using the stolen explosives. He also is skilled with grenades.


  • Suit: Joe owns a suit that is similar to a military uniform. This suit is shown to have a flak jacket, bandoleer, grenades and possibly other weapons.
  • Flak jacket: Joe wears protective jacket with multiple pockets.
  • Sword: Joe has a sword, that very similar to katana, with white hilt. He carries it on his back, just like his father, Slade Wilson.
  • Sidearm: Joe carries a sidearm on his back.
  • Grenades: Joe has grenades, that could be used for attack or escaping the battle.



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Behind the scenes

  • Joseph William Wilson first appeared in the DC comic series Teen Titans, appearing in issue #43, as the mute superhero known as Jericho. He would later become an on-again, off-again villain to the Titans, due to assorted reasons.
  • In the comic book continuity, Slade Wilson had three children: Grant, Joseph, and Rose. Rose is the only one of his children to have not yet appeared or been mentioned in the Arrowverse, most likely because of another Slade-trained female that took the codename and costume of Ravager on the show, Isabel Rochev.
  • The name Kane Wolfman has a nod to two things. Kane is a nod to his Joe's mother's maiden name while Wolfman is a nod to Marv Wolfman, who created Deathstroke.


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