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Joe Wilson (c. 2002 - October 10, 2012)[citation needed] was the son of Slade Wilson, the potential future half-brother of Grant Wilson, the former godson of the late Billy Wintergreen. Joe was killed with his mother inadvertently by his father when ASIS agents tried to arrest Slade at his home.



Season 1

Season 2


Behind the scenes

  • Joseph Wilson first appeared in the DC comic series Teen Titans (Tales of the Teen Titans #43), as the mute superhero known as Jericho. He would later become an on-again, off-again villain to the Titans, due to assorted reasons.
  • In the comic book continuity, Slade Wilson had three children: Grant, Joseph, and Rose. Rose is the only one of his children to have not yet appeared or been mentioned in the Arrowverse, most likely because of another Slade-trained female that took the codename and costume of Ravager on the show, Isabel Rochev.

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