Jessica Danforth is the mother of Madison Danforth, an old friend of the late Moira Queen, and a former mayoral candidate of Star City.


Early life

Jessica was an old friend of the Queen family through Moira.[1]

Running for Mayor of Star City

In early 2015, Jessica and her daughter Madison met with Oliver and Thea Queen after years of not seeing them. Inspired by Green Arrow's announcement, she revealed that she planned to be a symbol of hope for Star City by running for mayor. Oliver and Thea were immediately worried because of the deaths of the last three mayors, but she insisted on her candidacy. When she announced she was running, was attacked by Lonnie Machin. She was later held in custody by the police for her safety, though she soon learned her daughter had been kidnapped. Jessica made a public announcement, begging for her daughter be released. After Team Arrow returned her daughter, Jessica was still worried for her family's safety, and announced she was dropping out.[1]



Season 4


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