"Ironically, on my—on our Earth, this helmet stood for hope."
Harry Wells to Jay Garrick[src]

Jay Garrick's helmet is a metallic helmet that was used initially by Hunter Zolomon and later by Jay Garrick as their respective superhero identity of "the Flash". A symbol of hope for the people of Earth Two, the helmet was originally a part of Hunter's suit used while in the guise of the Flash of Earth Two, and later became a part of Jay's suit that is used as the Flash of Earth Three.


"Never thought I'd see that again. It was my father's, from the War of the Americas."
Hunter Zolomon on the helmet[src]
The Flash suit (Jay Garrick)

Hunter Zolomon originally used the helmet in his fake identity as the Flash of Earth Two.

The helmet originally belonged to James Zolomon which he used in Earth Two's War of the Americas. One night his young son caught James abusing Ashley Zolomon to which James gave the helmet and forced his son to watch Ashley's murder. Hunter was sent to the orphanage, yet he kept the helmet as a memento ever since. At some point of time, he additionally decorated the military helmet with golden-colored wings made of some sort of metal. It is unknown where the helmet was located when Hunter was convicted and imprisoned in the asylum for his crimes as a serial killer. However, he somehow managed to regain hold of the object.[1]

Years later when Hunter obtained super speed and became a "speed demon" known as Zoom, intent on proving himself the greatest speedster in the multiverse.[1] Sometime after he encountered Jay and imprisoned the Flash of Earth Three at his lair, Hunter was inspired by Jay's superhero identity (and his father's soldier uniform), with a similar suit which featured the winged helmet.[2]

Jay's helmet on display

The helmet on display.

During the crisis on two Earths, Hunter left a time remnant of himself on Earth One as he had to appear on Earth Two as Zoom; the time remnant (pretending to be the Flash of Earth Two) retrieved his helmet from Team Flash. After Zoom then killed said time remnant before Team Flash's eyes, the helmet remained on Earth One, kept on display to honor its "deceased" owner. After finding out Zoom's real identity, Team Flash still kept the helmet to keep Barry Allen motivated and for Cisco Ramon to focus on his "Vibe" powers.[1]

The real Jay Garrick thanks The Flash

Jay Garrick wearing the helmet in his reclaimed identity as the Flash.

After Zoom gets defeated by Team Flash and they freed the masked prisoner that was kept locked up, Jay noticed the helmet explaining that the object is the only thing that Hunter didn't steal from him, which Harry Wells stated was a symbol of hope. For that sentiment, Jay added the helmet to his Flash suit so he could keep giving hope to people, taking something away from Hunter and make it his own. Caitlin Snow complimented Jay, saying that the helmet suits Jay.[2]

Jay continued wearing the helmet as the Flash of Earth Three, most notably in defeating the Trickster and the fight against Savitar.[3] After Jay decided to stay in the Speed Force, he gave his helmet to Barry. Barry put it up on the same pedestal to remember him just as he did with Hunter's time remnant.[4]

When he later gets released from the Speed Force prison, Jay is given his helmet by Vibe during Team Flash's confrontation against Savitar and Killer Frost.[5]


  • Shield: When fighting The Trickster, Jay used the helmet as a shield to protect him from the bullets as the Trickster opened fire on him, catching every single bullet.
  • Sonic blasts: When punching the helmet at supersonic speed vibrational sonic blasts can be fired from the helmet. Hunter showed this when fighting the Geomancer. It is unknown if Jay has ever used this ability.


The Flash

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  • The helmet was first seen when going through Eobard Thawne's wormhole. Eobard seems to recognize the helmet, implying that the Reverse-Flash met either (or knew of) Jay Garrick or Hunter Zolomon.[6]
  • Other than being part of the suit, it can also be used as a weapon as Hunter was seen punching it at super speed and causing a sonic blast. It has also been shown to be used as a shield for Jay.

Behind the scenes

  • Unlike the comics, The Flash featured a different backstory. It was originally presented as a helmet worn by James Zolomon, later used by his son Hunter Zolomon as part of his guise as the Flash of Earth Two. Ultimately, the helmet was given to Jay Garrick, the Flash of Earth Three, because of its reputation as a symbol of hope.
  • In the comics, the helmet was originally worn by Jay's father in World War I (a real-life war). In the Arrowverse, it was originally worn by Hunter's father in the War of the Americas (a fictional war).
  • In the comics, whenever Jay's helmet fell off when he was running, Jay would vibrate his face to hide his identity. While in the TV show Jay doesn't seem to be vibrating his face, with his face being shown to everybody around him, possibly meaning that his identity is known on Earth Three.


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