Javi is a former member of security for Malcolm Merlyn's operations in Corto Maltese.


After Malcolm Merlyn's fortress was attacked by The Hidden, Javi helped to seal the door from their attackers. He watched screens as Lourdes and Saracon approached, noting the rest of the Hidden's respect for them. As they began to make their way through the door, Javi and Rainie stood guard with their guns. When they broke through, Javi helped to hold them off. A local man who had brought in found a secret entrance to tunnels below,[1] allowing for the four of them to escape. In doing so, they sealed the entrance. They followed the old man through the mountain, coming across a secret entrance in the ground marked by a tiger. Suddenly, a horde of bats were controlled by Saracon and sent at their enemy, causing Javi to be caught off guard and have his face mauled.[2]



Arrow: The Dark Archer


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