Jason Brodeur is a businessman and the former CEO of Brodeur Chemical. He is on "The List".


After Brodeur Chemical began illegally dumping toxic waste, an employee named Camille Declan blew the whistle on them. For that, she was killed and Brodeur had her husband, Peter, framed for her murder.[1]

After receiving a file proving that Matt Istook helped cover up for Brodeur, Laurel Lance took it to the Starling City Superior Court, hoping to pass habeas corpus. However, Brodeur and his attorney intervened, claiming slander, and Laurel was denied. Following that, Brodeur expressed his fright at how close he was to being found. However, Ankov assured him that they had people within Iron Heights Prison who could help permanently silence Declan. That night, Brodeur was visited by The Hood, who shot him through the hand with an arrow, before he revealed after a phone call that Peter Declan would be killed within the hour. Not long after, Ankov flipped Brodeur and the latter was sent to jail, with Peter Declan being exonerated.[1]



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Behind the scenes

  • Jason's name is probably a reference to Josée Brodeur, a recurring production accountant on Arrow.


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