"There are more like me. And one day, they will free this world."
—Last words before being killed

An unnamed man was a vigilante on Earth-X and a member of the Freedom Fighters.


The individual, having taken up a life of vigilantism as part of the Freedom Fighters, tried to stop the Führer's plans, only to be killed by him.[1]


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: The man was an expert unarmed fighter, though he also used a shield for protection and as a secondary weapon. Despite his skill and equipment, he was unable to defeat the Führer. [1]


  • Protective armor: The man used a suit of armor, protecting his body from harm and his identity from being discovered.[1]
  • Shield: The man used a specialized shield decorated with the flag of the United States that he used for protection and as a secondary weapon.[1]



Season 3

The Flash

Season 4


Concept artwork

Behind the scenes

  • While the freedom fighter is never named (on-screen) his suit and physical likeness suggest that, like his Earth Thirty-Eight counterpart James Olsen, the man took on the superhero mantle of Guardian. This version has a golden helmet and shield, like the original comic book Guardian.
  • Concept art suggests his name is indeed Guardian.


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