"I love the light."
—Jake Simmons to Felicity Smoak[src]

Jake Simmons (died May 2015), nicknamed Deathbolt by Ray Palmer, was a meta-human who had the power to absorb electricity, which he could then use to generate plasma beams from his eyes. The source of his mutation is unclear, as he was known to have not been in Central City during the particle accelerator explosion. He was imprisoned in the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, but he, along with the rest of the imprisoned meta-humans, was eventually freed by Leonard Snart and Lisa Snart. However, he was killed by Leonard with the latter's Cold Gun, apparently because Simmons owed Snart money.


On December 11, 2013, Simmons was at the Opal City Police Department. Through unknown means, as he was not in Central City on that night, he gained meta-human powers.[1]

Criminal activity in Starling City

As the news kept reporting Roy Harper turning himself in as the Arrow, Simmons traveled to Star City to take advantage of there being no more acting "Arrow". He used his powers to kill two guards at a bank and took off with the money that he had taken. After leaving the bank, he was confronted by the Atom. Simmons blasted the Atom with plasma, but his A.T.O.M. Exosuit prevented the plasma from killing him. The Atom unleashed electricity at him, but he simply absorbed the electricity. The two then engaged in a fist fight where Simmons started to strangle the Atom with a chain, which resulted with the Atom managing to fly away only to end up crashing into a dumpster, damaging his suit in the process. Later, he found Felicity Smoak at the power plant and held her hostage. The Atom arrived and saved Felicity. Oliver took control of Ray's suit by a remote link which harnessed the Atom's abilities along with his own battle prowess. The link was successful at first until Simmons gained the upper hand and destroyed the remote link, leaving Ray helpless. Jake was about to kill him until Oliver gave Ray the encouragement he needed to beat Simmons. Ray held his hand over Simmons' eyes and reflected his eye blast back into his face and then proceeded to beat Jake to unconsciousness. Later Simmons was placed in The Pipeline at S.T.A.R. Labs by Cisco and Ray. Cisco came to the realization that Simmons was not in Central City on the night of the explosion but in Opal City instead, which made them both wonder how Simmons obtained his powers.[1]

Time in the Pipeline

After Simmons was incarcerated in the Pipeline, Cisco and Ray asked Simmons questions to figure out his list of allergies, but Simmons grew annoyed and tried to punch Ray, charging his fist with plasma. However, Cisco had equipped Simmons's cell with an electromagnetic field that broke plasma down into liquid, turning the plasma into water.[2]

Escape from the Pipeline

After being sedated by having knockout gas sprayed in his cell, Simmons was moved out of STAR Labs in a truck with the other meta-humans. He and the other metas awoke and began squabbling, with him fighting with Kyle Nimbus in particular. However Leonard and Lisa Snart sabotaged the truck, and Simmons and the others escaped. In the ensuing battle, Mark Mardon struck the Flash with a lightning bolt and knocked him to the ground, and Simmons took the opportunity to move in to try to kill him. However, Leonard killed him with a blast to the face from his Cold Gun before he could do so. When asked why he killed him by Mardon, Snart stated that Simmons owed him money.[3]


Jake was dark and emotionless but he was sadistic as well, taking delight in the torment he dealt to Felicity when he caught her and when he had Ray at his mercy. However, he also seemed rather level-headed, attempting to calm down Kyle Nimbus and Mark Mardon when they began to fight in the back of the truck transporting them, stating that a fight wouldn't solve anything.

Simmons was also impatient and rude, as he continuously called Cisco and Ray idiots when they tried to find out his allergies, and attempted to plasma punch Ray when he thought Ray had asked too many questions.

Powers and abilities


  • Electricity absorption: Simmons was able to absorb electricity to power himself. However, too much electricity can overload him.
  • Plasma generation: Simmons was able to shoot plasma beams through his eyes and charge his fists with the energy to create strong attacks.
  • Superhuman durability: Simmons seems to have enhanced durability.


  • Power-dampening tech: Simmons's powers could not work while he was imprisoned in the pipeline.
  • Electromagnetic fields: The plasma energy Simmons generates from his body can be turned into water if its exposed to electromagnetic fields.



Season 3

The Flash

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Season 2


  • Jake is one of the few individuals to become a meta-human without the use of a particle accelerator.

Behind the scenes


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