"You know, when I said we should watch the particle accelerator turn on, I just meant we should get naked and howl at the Moon."
—Jake to Farooq Gibran jokingly about the different processes of watching the particle accelerator turn on[src]

Jake Davenport (died December 11 2013) was the good friend of the late Farooq Gibran and the late Daria Kim.[1]


Jake and his friends Farooq Gibran and Daria Kim watched the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator turned on while intoxicated. Although he too was interested in the event, Jake was not as seemingly enthusiastic as Farooq was; for the latter one of the trio even went to great lengths of finding a place in order to get a decent view of the supposedly live-changing moment. At first, Jake was somewhat skeptical about their choice of location, but as the accelerator turned on, he too expressed appreciations of the sight. The joyous moment, however, was cut short when the accelerator malfunctioned and spread unknown matters, consequently getting Farooq electrocuted. Jake and Daria attended to their friend to perform CPR but were accidentally electrocuted to death by the unconscious Farooq.[1]


The Flash

Season 1


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