Ivy Town is a suburb in the United States (Earth One).



The education is very prestigious in Ivy Town as Laura Hoffman stated the waiting list takes years.[1] In 1975, a young Martin Stein was at the Ivy Town university and ended up inventing a particle attraction device. [2]


In 1975, Martin Stein was studying alpha particles in the Ivy Town university. In October 1975, he encountered, unbeknownst to him, his future self, alongside Sara Lance and Jefferson Jackson. After his reluctancy to give his particle device, he was knocked out by Sara Lance. Realising this stopped Martin's marriage, Rip Hunter made sure that Martin would still meet his future wife Clarissa at a lecture. [2] After retiring from vigilantism, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak moved into Ivy Town for a short period of time, before Laurel and Thea convinced them to return to Star City.[1]


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