Detective Iris West-Allen is a police detective at the Central City Police Department on Earth Two, the wife of Barry Allen and the daughter of the late Joseph West.


Early career

Iris had an internship at Central City Picture News. When Barry went to get his PhD, Iris quit her internship and became a cop to help pay for Barry's tuition. This angered her father, Joseph, and he blamed Barry for being selfish and putting Iris' life in danger. However, Iris actually enjoyed being a cop more than getting a potential career in journalism.

At some point, Iris and Barry got married and moved in together.[1]

Arrival of Earth One Barry

Iris's husband was secretly kidnapped by Barry from Earth One, who took his place. At the Central City Police Department, Iris discussed her partner Floyd Lawton's mediocre marksmanship before greeting Earth One Barry. As she kissed him, her meta-human alert app went off but she brushed it off as a glitch.

The two returned to Iris and Earth Two Barry's home. Iris was confused when Earth One Barry didn't remember what their home looked like and averted his eyes as she unbuttoned her shirt. Earth One Barry said he was simply feeling off. Iris went upstairs to change after telling Earth One Barry that his mother called. When she came back downstairs, she was concerned to find Barry crying.

That evening, the two went to Jitterbugs, where they listened to Joseph sing. As Joseph argued with Earth One Barry about Iris becoming a cop, she interrupted him, pointing out that she likes being a cop like her grandfather. Later, Killer Frost and Deathstorm stormed Jitterbugs in search of intruders from Earth One. Iris quickly pulled out her gun and told the other patrons to flee. Earth One Barry tried to talk Killer Frost down, but failed and she attacked them. Deathstorm aimed a fireball at Iris but her father pushed her out of the way, taking the hit, and was fatally injured. Iris attended to him as Earth One Barry sped Killer Frost and Deathstorm away. Joseph was taken to the hospital, where Iris said her final goodbye to her father as he died.

After getting a lead on Killer Frost and Deathstorm's locations, Iris, along with Floyd, went to confront them, determined to avenge her father. Earth One Barry brought Cisco Ramon, introducing him as an employee at S.T.A.R. Labs who could help. Earth One Barry offered to come as well, but Iris refused to allow it, though she reluctantly agreed to take Cisco along. When Iris, Lawton and Cisco arrived, Deathstorm and Killer Frost ambushed them. They then met Reverb, Zoom's right-hand man. The Flash then arrived and tried to get Iris to leave, but she refused. Iris tried to use Cisco's weapon to neutralize Killer Frost but Deathstorm pushed her out of the way. Enraged, he tried to attack Iris but The Flash got her to safety. After a fierce battle, Zoom arrived, killing Reverb and Deathstorm before abducting The Flash. Iris rushed to Floyd, who had been attacked and presumably killed by Reverb.[1]

The next morning, Iris arrived at the CCPD, where her husband met her. Iris demanded to know where Barry had been all night. Barry took her up to his lab where he, Cisco and Harrison Wells explained that Team Flash came to Earth Two to rescue Harry's daughter Jesse and now Earth One Barry, from Zoom. Iris found out about Earth One Barry impersonating her husband yesterday. After Barry tracked down Killer Frost, they went to ask for the location of Zoom's lair. After a short fight, Iris, Cisco and Harry interrogated Killer Frost and she was convinced to help them by Cisco to avenge Deathstorm. After reaching Zoom's lair, Killer Frost helped them free Jesse. Iris watched in amazement as her husband motivated Earth One Barry to escape his carbine prison. Suddenly, Zoom arrived and tried to kill them but Killer Frost held him down while they escaped.

Later at S.T.A.R. Labs, Iris and Barry planned to go to Atlantis to escape from Zoom. Before leaving, Iris asked if her father was alive on Earth One. Earth One Barry confirmed he was and Iris asked him to give her father's Earth One counterpart a hug for her. He agreed and thanked Iris and Barry for their help.[2]

It can be presumed that Iris and Barry returned to Central City after Zoom and his army's defeat.


  • High-level intellect/Expert detective: As a police detective, Iris is a very intelligent individual and a capable detective, able to locate her targets with relative ease.
  • Skilled markswoman: Iris is quite skilled with firearms, as demonstrated with her gun and Cisco Ramon's weapon.


The Flash

Season 2

The Chronicles of Cisco


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