India is a country in southern Asia.


The birth of Savitar

In ancient times, the man now known as Savitar came into possession of the Philosopher's Stone, a tremendously powerful mythological object. The stone granted him superhuman powers, transforming him into the first speedster and one of the world's first meta-humans. Naming himself after the Hindu god of motion, Savitar would use his abilities to travel throughout the multiverse, creating armies of meta-humans which he led in his conquest of other worlds. Sometime in the future, Barry Allen trapped Savitar within the Philosopher's Stone, and it was buried deep within the ruins of the Indus Valley.[1]

Arrival of the Amazo

Sometime prior to late 2007 or early 2008, Thomas Flynn became employed as a missionary in the town of Maliku. One day, the Amazo arrived in the town's port, and a scientist on the ship named Dr. Anthony Ivo requested that Flynn come aboard to administer last rights to a dying member of the crew. Ivo's plea, however, was a trick meant to lure Flynn onto the ship; as soon as he boarded, he was abducted and kept as Ivo's prisoner in a cell. The Amazo left Maliku shortly after, before anyone in town could realize what had happened.[2]

Unearthing the Philosopher's Stone

In approximately 2012, Julian Albert traveled to India in search of the Philosopher's Stone after being beckoned by Savitar, who had visited him disguised as the spirit of Julian's deceased sister, Emma. Savitar told Julian that he could be reunited with his sister through the stone's power, and that all he had to do was find it. Julian spent the entirety of his future inheritance funding an archaeological expedition into the Indus Valley in search of the stone, spending weeks with a team he had assembled digging through the ruins. Finally, they uncovered a box which they believed contained the stone, and Julian opened it despite words od caution from a member of his team. When the box was opened, it released Savitar, who took possession of Julian under the identity of Alchemy; he proceeded to murder the entire team, and when Julian finally regained consciousness, he was back at a motel in a nearby city. Learning of the deaths of his team through a report on the news but unable to remember what had transpired, Julian fled from the country, afraid that the authorities would accuse him of the murders.[1]




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