"I killed a mortal. I wanted to see how easy it would be."
—Imogen explaining her past[src]

Imogen was an angel from Heaven who became fallen after killing a mortal.


Fallen angel

Imogen was once an angel of heaven. Imogen grew curious on how easy it would be to kill a mortal. Once she killed one, she was condemned to become an angel of Hell.[1]

Attempt to reach Earth

After Pastor Zachary died, he was on his way to hell due to killing a man while intoxicated. Imogen ripped a feather from her wing and placed it in Zachary's hand. Losing strength, she was found, weak, by John Constantine and Zed. Constantine and Zed went to retrieve the feather after Constantine set a protection spell. While the two were gone, Imogen told Manny they should take the world back for themselves, as she believed the humans take life for granted. When Zed returned the feather, Constantine was too late to warn Zed and Imogen revealed her true self. She told Constantine, Zed and Manny that she served Hell long enough and refused to return. Constantine realized that Imogen placed the feather in Zachary's hand, rather than the latter ripping it off. Imogen told the three that she killed a mortal just to see how easy it could be. As Imogen was about to kill Zed, Manny took over Zed and ripped Imogen's heart out, killing her instantly.[1]


Imogen reveals herself as fallen

Imogen reveals herself as a fallen angel.

Imogen was fascinated with life on Earth and the idea of free will. She had incredible curiosity for emotions, feelings and reactions and wanted to experiment with what she can do. Although having a passion for being living and corporeal, she had little respect for mortals, considering their lives a waste of the potential of free will, and thinking that angels would have rule the planet better than humans. Revealing her true colors, Imogen gloated about her plans to steal soul energy through ghouls and how it easy to kill humans, threatening to do the same with Zed Martin. She was terrified of the idea of death.[1]

Powers and abilities




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