"Took me a while to figure it out... but eventually I found him. His name is Hunter Zolomon."
— Earth Two Hunter Zolomon on his Earth One counterpart[src]

Hunter Zolomon is a resident of Earth One


Early life

To provide Caitlin with an answer as to why there is no Earth One Jay Garrick, Hunter's Earth Two counterpart claimed that Hunter One's mother died during childbirth. Growing up, he was said to have passed from family to family until he was supposedly adopted and raised by the Zolomons, though the veracity of this statement is questionable, but it can be presumed unlike his Earth Two counterpart, he lived a normal life.[1]

Adult life

Hunter went to the park to do some quiet reading, a novel titled "Siddhartha" by German author Hermann Hesse about Hindu philosophy and the meaning of existence, where Caitlin Snow and his Earth Two counterpart watched him from a distance.[1]


The Flash

Season 2

The Chronicles of Cisco


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