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"Guys, did you hear me? There is a monster in Central City."
—Barry Allen[src]

An unnamed kid produced a holographic monster using several traffic cameras as projectors to scare the citizens of Central City.


The monster that looked like Godzilla attacked Central City, with its creator wanting to scare everyone, tired of being scared himself. The Flash discovered it was a fake after trying to trip the beast with some carbon ropes. Cisco was able to track its creator's location. After Julian almost killed its creator, which the Flash prevented, Joe talked him out of using the beast.[1]


  • Fear inspiring: The monster's primary goal was to frighten all of Central City. The beast's mere presence accomplished that.
  • Energy depletion: The monster required a great deal of energy from the Central City Power Grid to manifest. This also allowed Cisco to quickly track the creature.
  • Power grid manipulation: Being the creature uses so much power, the coding that created it can cause transformers to explode. This way, the illusion that it was actually there could become more realistic.
  • Holographic form: Being the creature is one big hologram, ropes and bullets pass through it.


  • Motion capture control gloves: While the creature had no physical form or weapons itself, its creator could control the beast with a pair of gloves. This way, he could control the monster by moving his own hands.


The Flash

Season 3

The Chronicles of Cisco


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