The helbing is a unit of currency from Earth Nineteen. It resembles a copper coin, although it is triangular in shape.


H.R. Wells brought at least one helbing to Earth One when he moved there from Earth Nineteen. When he accompanied Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow to a screening of The Shining at Hofherr Park, Wells was tasked with getting snacks to eat during the film. Before he left his companions to do so, he remarked that the people of Earth One probably would not accept money from his Earth, and held up a handful of coins to illustrate this point. Cisco picked out a helbing from among the coins, incredulously asking what it was. When Wells replied that it was a helbing, Cisco took money out of his own pockets to give to Wells, and instructed him on what snacks to buy from the nearby vendor.[1]


The Flash

Season 3


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