Havenrock was a city in the United States. When Damien Darhk took control of Rubicon, Felicity Smoak realigned the satellite GPS and a nuclear bomb headed for Monument Point destroyed Havenrock instead.


Havenrock hit by a nuclear missile

The destruction of Havenrock.

The city was hit with a nuclear explosion intended for Monument Point. In the aftermath, there were tens of thousands of casualties.[1]


Former residents

Deceased residents



Season 4

Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, the name of the town near Monument Point was Havencroft, rather than Havenrock. Unlike the comics, where Monument Point ended up destroyed, the neighboring town was devastated in its stead.
  • Havenrock is similarly named to Stonehaven, the name of Damien Darhk's house earlier in the same season.


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