"Do you know that it amuses me that you think that saving your tiny world matters when the entire multiverse will inevitably be consumed in a fiery heat death?"
—Harrison Wolfgang Wells[src]

Harrison Wolfgang Wells is a resident of Earth Twelve and a member of the Council of Wells.


Harrison Wolfgang Wells earned himself 4 PhD's and wrote the book, Everything is Meaningless, so Why Did I Buy This Book?.[1]

He was later recruited by the Harrison Wells of Earth Two to join a council, later named the Council of Wells. Although they initially had troubles working together, they eventually decoded Clifford DeVoe's identity.[1]

After Harrison Wells of Earth Two starts losing his intelligence, Cisco and Harry asks him if the Council of Wells can help him restore it. He denied their request because he thinks Harry is not intelligent enough to get help from the council.


Unlike most of his counterparts, this Wells has little care about the goings on in the multiverse or life itself. He has come to see everything as pointless, as everything without exception will expire eventually. Even more, he has a very self-absorbed and condescending nature to himself. He shows no interest or sympathy in helping people of not at least comparable intellect to himself, as he openly mocked Harry for his recent brain damage continually draining his intellect and just as smugly dismissed Harry as a member for the Council of Wells.


  • Genius-level intellect: Harrison is extremely intelligent, earning 4 P.h.D.'s.[1]


  • Due to how fast he speaks and his accent, he is hard to understand. Even Harry and Cisco had trouble figuring out what he was saying at first.
  • Harrison Wolfgang Wells has 4 PhDs.


The Flash

Season 4


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