For the wife of Harrison Wells of Earth One, see Tess Morgan.

An unnamed woman was the wife of Harrison Wells and the mother of Jesse Wells.


Early life

This woman was loved by her husband, Harrison Wells, dearly and presumably founded S.T.A.R. Labs together and intended to create the particle accelerator together. At some point, though initially not wanting kids, she convinced Harrison have a change of mind. So they had a child together, who they named Jesse. Unfortunately at some point after, this woman passed away, leaving her husband in grief. When she died, Harrison swore on her grave that he would protect their daughter, Jesse, because he could not protect his wife.[1]


After Central City was saved from Veronica Dale's terrorist attack, Harrison used the cerebral inhibitor prototypes to know what Jesse wanted, and after learning Jesse wanted to know about her mother, Harrison deliberately remembered her.[2]


The Flash

Season 2

Season 4


  • It is heavily implied that this woman is the Earth Two doppelganger of Tess Morgan, the wife of Harrison Wells of Earth One. This is explained as when Jesse hears her mother's voice through Harry's memories, she hears her mother saying "Because in the vast night sky, you, Harrison Wells, are the only star I see". This phrase was first spoken by Morgan to Earth One Wells in a flashback in "Tricksters". It's also how the name "S.T.A.R. Labs" came to be.


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