"They're my dad's, or they were. He was gone before I knew him."
"I'm sure he was sorry he left. My dad wasn't really there for me either but I knew he loved me. He, just, couldn't show me."
—Hank and Nate Heywood on their respective fathers[src]

Henry "Hank" Heywood[1] (born 1955) is the son of Henry Heywood and the father of Nate Heywood. He grew up without his father due to him vanishing in 1956 and was led to believe he died. As such he became a detached individual and also overprotective of his son especially when he was diagnosed with hemophilia. This resulted in them becoming estranged when his son had grown up.


Early life

Hank and Nate Heywood

Hank Heywood meeting his future son Nathaniel in 1970

Born in 1955 to Henry and Betty Heywood, Hank was raised by his mother after his father was reportedly killed in action when he was only six months old. He eventually received his father's dog tags from the war that Rip Hunter delivered to him as a final request from his father. In 1970, he entered into a contest for getting a chance to see the Apollo 13 mission control, not knowing that the competition had been rigged by his father in the hopes that he could meet him. However, this never occurred as his father died before they could actually meet, he instead unknowingly met his future son. Nate noticed he was wearing the dogtags and Hank told him that they were his dad's though he never got the chance to know him and he mentioned how his own father hadn't really been around for him, but he assured that he believed both were sorry.[2]

At some point in time, Hank married and had a son Nate who he later passed down his father's dog tags to and also told him bedtime stories of the battles that his father had fought in. Once, at the age of five, Nate scraped his knee causing him and his wife to become very over protective as it was later discovered that Nate had hemophilia. However Nate noted that his father was emotionally closed off which lead to their later estrangement in Nate's life.[2]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, Hank Heywood is the name of multiple characters related to the Commander Steel legacy, among them a Hank Heywood III, whose father was reportedly killed during a war mission when he was only a few months old, similar to the DC's Legends of Tomorrow version.


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