"Because we are connected, jackass."
—Gypsy to Cisco Ramon[src]

"Gypsy" is an unrivaled collector from Earth Nineteen. She came to Earth One to collect H.R. Wells due to him breaking the inter-dimensional travel ban on Earth Nineteen. Her capture was interrupted by Cisco Ramon, who challenged her to trial by combat. Gypsy was defeated by Cisco and she returned to Earth Nineteen with H.R. unharmed. Later, on an assignment on Earth Two trying to catch another breacher, Gypsy was captured by Grodd and forced to open a breach to Earth One for Grodd and his army to travel through to. She helped Cisco and the team get rid of the gorillas on Earth One and went back to her Earth. She later returned to save Cisco from Savitar and Killer Frost, joining the team to defeat the two rogues. She is currently dating Cisco Ramon.


Early life

As a collector, Gypsy is said to be a legend on Earth Nineteen as she had never lost a battle.[1]

At some point Gypsy was partnered with a fellow collector who she later became romantically involved with. In 2014 Gypsy and her partner encountered a breacher from the 64th century of Earth One named Abra Kadabra who killed her partner along with several innocent people. Gyspy then pursued Kadabra through the multiverse to get revenge.

Chasing H.R. Wells

Gypsy appeared through a breach, bringing up a holographic photo of H.R. Wells,[2] searching for him in order to punish him for his crimes of inter-dimensional travel. She went to CC Jitters, picking up a coin and vibing his location, before knocking out two cops and leaving. The following day, she tracked him down to S.T.A.R. Labs. She was able to easily fend off Cisco Ramon and Kid Flash, before giving H.R. an hour to get his affairs in order. When she returned, she was challenged to a trial-by-combat by Cisco, allowing him the customary twenty-four hours to prepare. Later that day, while drinking coffee from Jitters at the waterfront, she was approached by The Flash, who attempted to subdue her, but to no avail. She then took H.R. as insurance. The following day, Vibe arrived, before the two began to fight. They crossed through a number of universes, before returning back to Earth One, where Gypsy was caught off guard. Admitting defeat, Gypsy allowed H.R.'s freedom, along with her life. However, Cisco declined taking the latter. As she prepared to leave back to her Earth, Gypsy asked that H.R. never return, as she would pretend she'd killed him, thus remaining unrivaled. She was also going to bring back a giant sack filled with coffee as they didn't have it on Earth-19. As she and Cisco went to kiss, Gypsy opened a portal, returning to her universe.[1]

Gorillas' Attack

While she was chasing a dimension hopping fugitive from her Earth to Earth Two, Gypsy somehow found her way to Gorilla City, where Grodd took control of her and prepared himself to use her power to have him and his army cross to Earth One.[3][4]

Grodd used Gypsy to open a breach to Earth One for him and his gorilla army. He then sent Gypsy to attack Team Flash at S.T.A.R. Labs where Harry Wells managed to subdue her with one of his weapons. She was then locked in The Pipeline where she didn't seem to remember attacking them. She told them that the last thing she remembered was chasing a dimension hopping fugitive from her Earth to Earth Two and then came upon a gorilla; that made the team realize that Grodd had taken control of her and must already be on their Earth as he couldn't control her between Earths. They asked her to help them but Gypsy refused and left to continue her pursuit of her fugitive. She then returned to her Earth where she met with the Accelerated Man and told him that she had found and terminated her mark. When he left, she was visited by Cisco who again asked for her help. She eventually decided to aid them and helped get Solovar to battle with Grodd and take back control of the gorillas. She then helped Cisco send the gorillas back to Gorilla City. Before she left, she and Cisco shared a goodbye kiss.[4]

Hunting Abra Kadabra

Gypsy tracks down Abra Kadabra on Earth One, and finds him fighting the Flash. After Kadabra vanishes to Star-Labs, they eventually manage to imprison him, but he tells Barry that he knows the identity of Barry's nemesis Savitar, and will tell him if he releases him. Gypsy wants to bring Kababra back to Earth Nineteen to stand trial for his crimes, but Barry and Joe West consider his offer. She reveals to Cisco that Kadabra killed her partner on Earth Nineteen, and was determined to capture him, which she finally has a chance to do. Suddenly Gypsy discovers that Joe is releasing Kadabra, and when he's about to tell him Savitar's identity, Gypsy arrives and Kadabra escapes to Eobard Thawne's Time Vault where he steals a power source that he needs to power his time machine which will return him to the 64th Century.

Gypsy gets angry at them for allowing Kadabra to escape. Cisco manages to track down Kadabra by using satellites to detect his unique energy signature. They find him attempting to travel back to the future. Eventually they manage to stop him and Gypsy returns him to Earth Nineteen where he is seemingly executed for his crimes.


While Gypsy believes the law should be enforced she still has a good heart. Gypsy is very flirty with Cisco Ramon because she thinks he's cute. She is shown to keep her word as she kept her promise of giving Cisco one day until their battle to the death over H.R. Like H.R., Gypsy has a great appreciation for Earth One's abundant supply of coffee, shown by taking a rather large amount with her back home, as all coffee has been wiped out on Earth Nineteen. To which, she is also shown willing to bend certain rules.[1]Gypsy has been shown to be immensely dedicated to her job, singlemindedly pursuing her targets with frightening resolve, and treating them with very little mercy. However, when her emotions are stirred, she can be persuaded to give up the chase, help others out of the line of duty, and even outright lie to her superiors in a compromise with those who have defeated her.

Powers and abilities


  • Dimensional energy manipulation: While unknown how she obtained her powers as it appears to be standard for her organization, Gypsy has a psychic link to the natural energies of reality, allowing her to connect with various vibrations of the multiverse and manipulate them for various effects.[1]
    • Dimensional awareness: Referred to as "vibing", Gypsy can perceive events throughout time and space through the kinetic sense; one such example of this is when she touched a tip given by H.R. Wells, allowing her to track him down. This also apparently augments her natural reflexes as she was able to counter The Flash during his sneak attack.[1] Also, it seems this ability allows her to see through H.R.'s disguise as his partner Randolph Morgan, specifically calling him H.R.
    • Dimensional travel: Gypsy has the ability to open breaches through space, both between different universes and within the same universe, allowing her instantaneously traverse tremendous distances.[1]
    • Vibrational blasts: Gypsy can generate powerful, red, concussive blasts of vibrations from her hands, strong enough to throw a fully-grown human quite a distance. She can also use this power to disrupt movements briefly stopping Wally West.[1]
    • Mental connection: As stated to Cisco, "vibers" are connected by their powers and are able to observe each other if they're skilled enough. Gypsy used it to find and rescue him from Savitar right as Killer Frost was about to execute him.


  • Hand-to-hand combatant: Coupled with her powers, Gypsy has shown to be a relatively proficient fighter, leading her to be unrivaled in her role as a collector.[1]
  • Skilled markswoman: Gypsy was shown to be skilled in the use of firearms, specifically with the stun pistol she used on H.R.[1]
  • Keen intellect: As an elite field officer, Gypsy is shown to be sharp-witted and intuitive. A skilled tracker, she was able to follow H.R.'s trail through the multiverse with ease. She is also very alert, anticipating H.R. and Barry's attempt to subdue her. In battle, she is very efficient using her powers in unison with her combat skills, leaving little time for her opponents to counter.


  • Stun pistol: Aside from her concussive vibration blasts, Gypsy has a energy pistol as her sidearm, designed to stun targets rather than kill them. This allowed her to briefly knock out H.R. by shooting him in the chest and not damage him in the process, though he was left with soreness upon recovering moments later.[1]


The Flash

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Gypsy also known as Cindy Reynolds, Cynthia Reynolds, and Cynthia Mordeth, is a skilled telepathic superheroine who can cast illusions and turn invisible, with a similar counterpart on Earth 16. In the New 52 she is in a relationship with Cisco/Vibe similar to the show, but keeping the same abilities of her New Earth counterpart.