"Our King has been taken from us! Evil draws close and hope it seems is lost but we must rise and face this challenge as Arthur would've wanted. We must remember who we are. We're brothers and sisters. We're fighters and friends. We are not mere knights, we are Camelot! "

Guinevere was the queen of Camelot in 507 A.D. She ruled alongside her husband, Arthur, and sought to maintain peace and justice within their kingdom. Merlin, really Stargirl, was their chief adviser in court and their good friend. She was a warrior long before she was a queen and couldn't help but miss it at times.


Guinevere went tracking for the Black Knight that was terrorizing the kingdom when she met the Legends. Ray Palmer convinced her that they weren't a threat and asked to be escorted to Camelot. She agreed and brought them to the castle where they met her husband king Arthur. He called for Merlin to see if they were telling the truth though they were surprised to see that it was their friend Stargirl.

Later that night, she was joined by Sara Lance who complimented her on her tracking skills and the queen revealed to her that she had been a warrior. She didn't much like politics but believed in her kingdom and in her husband's vision, which earned her Sara's respect.

Arthur then returned, seemingly have captured the Black Knight but it was revealed that he was under the control of Rip Hunter. She watched as her husband killed Sir Galahad and then hold a knife to his throat. She was hysterical at the turn of events, but both Sara and Merlin told her that she had to be strong for the Knights as they would look to her for leadership.

She prepared the men to defend the kingdom against Damien Darhk's army and spoke out to all the knights to be ready to defend their home. She then went and knighted Ray Palmer as Sir Raymond of the Palms. She led the army into battle which was turned when Martin Stein and Mick Rory managed to shut down Rip's control of everyone. She told both Sara and Ray that they would always be welcomed in Camelot. Before they left, Ray told Sara that every good fairy tale ends with a kiss so Sara went and gave Guinevere a kiss goodbye as she coined herself "Lance-a lot".[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2


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