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Guillermo Barrera
Guillermo Ballera
Occupation Mercenary


Status Deceased
Actor George Tchortov

Guillermo Barrera (a.k.a. Brutale in the comics) was a mercenary and an assassin who mostly operated abroad.


Guillermo was hired by China White to kill Malcolm Merlyn, under the order of Moira Queen. The moment he arrived in Starling City's airport with his helicopter, he was confronted by The Hood, and after a brief fight, is killed. After hacking his phone, Felicity Smoak identifies his target.


Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Guillermo showed to be quite a good fighter. His fighting skills were almost equivalent to that of The Hood's. 

Master knife expert: He used many kinds of blades and deployed them in combat.


  • Knives: Barrera carried a pair of knives which he used to fight against his opponents up close.
  • Throwing Knives: Barrera carried a number of throwing knives which he used as a means of attacking from range.


Season 1Edit


  • In the DC comics, Guillermo Barrera is the super villain Brutale, a recurring enemy of Nightwing.
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