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"Not God, Grodd!"

Grodd is a silverback gorilla that was experimented on by S.T.A.R. Labs. After being exposed to the energy from the particle accelerator, Grodd then escaped his cage and developed powerful psychic abilities, becoming a near-unstoppable enemy of the Flash. Having cared for Grodd, Caitlin Snow felt bad for his condition as the only meta-gorilla, and so helped Team Flash send him to Earth Two where he could be with more of his kind in Gorilla City. However, Grodd wanted to rule over humankind, plotting to dethrone Solovar and to take over Central City on Earth One with an army. After this failed, he was locked up back on Earth One by A.R.G.U.S. Due to a rupture of time caused by the Legends, Grodd ended up as an anachronism in 1967's Vietnam, starting his own cult and fighting the Legends, before being found and recruited by Damien Darhk.


Test subject

Four years before the particle accelerator accident, Grodd was an ordinary silverback gorilla that was kept as a test subject in S.T.A.R. Labs. He was scheduled to be part of enhanced gene therapy experiments conducted by Harrison Wells and Wade Eiling, the latter of whom wanted to explore the possibilities of psychic abilities, such as mind control, torturing Grodd in a similar manner to that in which he tortured Martin Stein.[1] However, once Wells discovered Eiling's inhumane methods, he shut down the program but decided on other plans for Grodd himself.[2] Along with Wells, Caitlin also grew fond of Grodd and often visited him in his cage.

The S.T.A.R. Labs accident

When the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, the dark matter it released activated the drugs and medicines Eiling and his men had administered to Grodd, awakening his psychic powers.

The gorilla then destroyed his cage and escaped. Wells showed the cage to Barry Allen when he was taking him around S.T.A.R. Labs.[3]

Living in the sewers and working with Wells

He took up residence in a sewer and began carving his own name into a wall repeatedly. He was encountered by workmen, who attempted to run but were attacked (and seemingly killed) by Grodd.[4] Later, the Reverse-Flash abducted Wade Eiling and brought him to Grodd, revealing his identity as Harrison Wells. Grodd displayed telepathic powers, as Eiling could "hear" someone talking in his head and mentioned God. Grodd corrected him and said his own name before grabbed Eiling from behind and drag him away.[5]

Three months later, after Wells is exposed as the Reverse-Flash, he sends Grodd to distract Barry Allen's team. To that end, Grodd mentally controls Eiling into attacking a gold reserve. As the Flash arrived on the scene, Grodd, using Eiling as a conduit, incapacitated Barry by bombarding with mental hallucinations of Eiling's experiments on him, before having his puppet flee the scene. Grodd continued to control Eiling by attacking a police escort before he was captured by Barry and imprisoned in the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator. Grodd communicated through Eiling, acknowledging Barry and Caitlin Snow by name.

Grodd later kidnapped Joe West when he, Barry and Cisco Ramon were searching the sewers for him. When Joe pulled out his gun, Grodd used his powers to make Joe point his gun at himself but doesn't fire it while showing how he dislikes guns and bananas.

Grodd lifts Barry by the throat

Grodd battles the Flash.

Later, Cisco and Caitlin force Grodd away from Joe by remotely venting steam pipes so he'd be far enough for Barry, who was protected against his telepathy with a headband, to hit him with a supersonic punch, but Grodd's sheer size and strength enabled him to catch his fist and lift Barry into the air by the neck. As he tossed the Flash through a brick wall into a subway tunnel, the latter lost his headband, allowing Grodd to mentally attack him again, crippling him as an oncoming train was approaching. However, with help from Iris West's motivation, Barry obtained the will to overcome Grodd's attack and evaded the train. Grodd leaped at Barry, who dodged the attack, and the gorilla was hit by a second train. However, Grodd survived and made his way to the surface, climbing and jumping off a building, furious.[6]

Departure to Earth Two

Grodd asks Caitlin to make other gorillas like him

Grodd asks Caitlin to make other gorillas like him

Grodd returns briefly, gathering various neuro-enhancing chemicals and kidnapping Caitlin under mind control in the hopes of forcing her to create more intelligent apes, however, he is stopped by the efforts of Barry, Cisco and Earth Two's Harrison Wells. They trick him into following Barry to the site of one of the breaches in Central City, and Barry manages to force him through, sending Grodd to a jungle on Earth Two, which is revealed by Dr. Wells to be the location of a refuge for gorillas who'd been subjected to lab experiments, like himself.[7]

Grodd's revenge

During his time in Gorilla City, Grodd was forced to serve Solovar, the leader of Gorilla City. He also sought for revenge on Team Flash, thus, one year after he came to Gorilla City, Grodd came up with a plan of revenge: beat Solovar, become the leader of Gorilla City, return to Earth One and attack Central City with the help of the other gorillas. Knowing he can't beat Solovar, Grodd sent an invitation to Wells, asking him to come to Gorilla City. When Wells came with 10 other people, Grodd killed the 10 people and kidnapped Wells, knowing it will bring the attention of Team Flash, including Barry, who can beat Solovar.[8]

Grodd watching Flash vs Solovar

Grodd in Gorilla City.

The plan worked as Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and Julian Albert came to save Wells, only to get captured by Grodd and other gorillas. Grodd brought them to the city and locked them in cages, without informing Solovar. After they woke up, Grodd, controlling Wells, told the team about Solovar, and that he wants to rule the humans and bring a war to Earth One (in reality, Grodd wanted Barry to kill Solovar so he could be the leader of Gorilla City), and that Barry is going to be sent to the arena and fight Solovar until one of them die. Grodd also told them that if Solovar will lose, he will become the leader of Gorilla City, and he will keep the gorillas in the city. When Barry asked him how they can trust him, Grodd said that Earth One is still his home, and there are still humans that he will never forget, referring to Caitlin. He then stopped controlling Wells and came into the room, telling Barry that if he will win, Central City will be spared, but if he won't, Central City will be destroyed. Later, Grodd came to the room with Solovar, who was mad that Grodd didn't tell him that humans came to the city. As Grodd began to explain to Solovar that he was going to inform him, Solover punched Grodd in the face, making him fall to the ground. After Solovar explained the situation to Team Flash, the two gorillas left, leaving the team in their cells. Grodd later watched the fight between The Flash and Solovar. After Barry won and told the gorillas that the humans only want peace, Grodd demanded for the Flash to be taken out. Barry was shot by a dart, which made him pass out.[8]

After that, Grodd, controlling Wells, told Barry that now he is the ruler of Gorilla City and he is not going to let them go. After Barry realized Grodd lied to them and that Solovar didn't want to attack Central City; he does, Grodd told them how he came up with the idea. Cisco then asked him why he doesn't kill them. Grodd told him that he needs him to open a breach to Earth One so he and his army could go there. When Barry told him that he cannot do this, Grodd replied by saying that he is an animal. Barry threatened Grodd that he is going to stop him, before Grodd stopped controlling Wells and came to the room, replying that he won't stop him. When Grodd came to check the team, he found Barry, lying on the ground, frozen. Caitlin told Grodd that Barry went into shock and his heart stopped. He then checked Barry, saying that he is cold. Caitlin said that he is dead (In reality, Caitlin used her cold powers, which Grodd didn't know she had them, to freeze Barry and trick Grodd). Grodd told her that he has no use for him anyway, before dragging "the body" out of the cell.[8] Later, he caught Team Flash trying to escape. As the Gorillas tried to stop them, the team went into a breach to Earth One, escaping Grodd. After they left, Grodd roared in anger. Afterward, Grodd got Gypsy, planning to use her to open a breach to Earth One. He told her that she is going to open the breach, and Central City is going to fall before him.[8]

Grodd led his army to Earth One and then sent Gypsy to attack Team Flash. After failing to bring a missile to Central City, he led his army into the streets, only to be faced by Barry, Kid Flash, and Jesse Quick. After a brief battle, in which the gorillas appeared to be succeeding against the speedsters, Gypsy and Cisco appeared with Solovar, who was armed and dressed in golden battle armor. In his vengeful fury, Solovar brutally battled Grodd. After throwing a few punches, Solovar was able to overpower Grodd and defeat him. Before he could finish him off, Barry stopped him and asked him to spare Grodd like Barry spared Solovar. He agreed on the condition that Grodd was never to return to Earth Two and departed with the army of gorillas that now bowed to him. Grodd was then incarcerated on Earth One by A.R.G.U.S.[9][10]

Serving Mallus

Grodd soon found himself displaced in time as an anachronism. He found himself in Vietnam in 1967, during the Vietnam War. He started to attack both American and Vietnamese soldiers, taking control of them to serve him and build a kingdom for himself as the "god" of the Ong Troi Moi cult. He had planned to arrange the assassination of the American President to trigger World War III and have his revenge against humanity. His actions drew the Legends to him to investigate. Amaya Jiwe tried to reason with Grodd, empathizing with his suffering. She offered him a chance to live out in peace, to be brought to a time before humans where he wouldn't be bound by hate and pain anymore. He didn't want to trust her but she used her Anansi Totem to channel a gorilla's spirit in order to get through to him. Grodd seemed to be considering it before Mick Rory and his father arrived with a platoon of soldiers to break up the camp. He felt that Amaya betrayed him and decided to steal the Waverider and travel back in time to change the course of evolution so he could have a gorilla planet and prevent humans from ever existing at all.[11]

He managed to find the ship but Martin Stein was already taking it to the air to avoid it being stolen by him. He managed to find and control a comatose Sara Lance into trying to stop the ship but she was knocked out by Isaac Newton before she could stop Stein. The American Air Force was delivering a bomb strike and Grodd held onto the Waverider but Stein made a time jump that left him in mid-air. He fell towards the inferno beneath him but magically vanished. He then ended up back in the present age, in front of Damien Darhk. Damien told him that he was his number one fan but Grodd told Damien to send him back. Damien told Grodd that he didn't need a time machine when he could time travel with a thought and brought him into the service of Mallus.[11]

Grodd went on to create chaos in the timeline in an effort to weaken Mallus' prison and was seen in ancient China, attacking the Great Wall.

Grodd was dropped back into the United States, where he rampaged, beating Time Bureau Director Wilbur Bennett to death. He then roared into his communications device, at Sara Lance, Ava Sharpe, and Rip Hunter before he destroyed it.[12]

Sent by Mallus, Grodd traveled to 1979, to kill Barack Obama in order to create another anachronism to free the demon. He found Obama in his dorm room in his college and chased him down until he managed to grab him. Before he could kill him, Mick Rory wounded him on the chest with his Heat Gun which made him release the future president. Grodd shook off Rory's attack but then Ray came and shrank him, locking him in a jar and placed in the Waverider.

Damien Darhk soon freed him to save his daughter in 1992 Zambesi. He had Grodd go and attack the village in an effort to destroy it as history originally intended so as to keep Mallus from being free and not lose Nora. Grodd terrorized the villagers and confronted Esi, Amaya's daughter. Esi used the Anansi totem against him but Grodd was able to overpower her and used his psychic power to freeze her. An elder Amaya came to try and save Esi but Grodd knocked her away effortlessly. Before he could finish both mother and daughter off, Nate Heywood arrived and used the power of the Earth totem against him to banish him away from the village.

Grodd was presumably taken into custody by the Time Bureau along with the remaining anachronisms and returned to his rightful place in time at his A.R.G.U.S. cell.


Not much of Grodd's personality is shown due to his developing psychic powers, though he has demonstrated a high level of intelligence. Grodd's intelligence seems to be increasing with time as his ability to form full sentences and communicate increases with each appearance he makes. Originally, Grodd would speak in the third person and often only use 2-3 word sentences but, by the time of "Attack on Gorilla City," Grodd spoke fluent English through Harry. He also has some contempt towards humans, shown when he battles Barry a second time while psychically attacking him, stating "human weak." This indicates that he views humans are inferior to him. In addition, he despises Eiling greatly due to his experiments and was not hesitant in manipulating him to commit crimes and take the chance to hurt him. The only person he has not shown to hate is Eobard Thawne, who saved him from Eiling's experiments. As such, he views him as a father, and will presumably comply with any request Eobard will ask him for. He also does not hate Caitlin Snow, stating while controlling her "Caitlin good." The reason behind this is currently unknown but it can be assumed it's because as Cisco said, "she was always kind to him."

Grodd's contempt for humans may be what drives his sadism towards them, as shown when he forced Joe to point a gun at his own head while leaving the man total awareness of what was happening to him. He is also lonely and wants more like him, which is part of the reason that drives him to kill and even steal Caitlin and make her make more of him. Grodd had a strong bond with Eobard, calling him father, and was easily able to tell Harrison Wells from Earth Two was not him before being fooled into thinking he was Eobard. Eobard soon taught Grodd to always think ahead, a trait he continues to use even after his death. Grodd lives under one code; "kill or be killed."

Grodd proved to be manipulative, fooling Team Flash into Solovar's plans so that he could control Gorilla City for himself and easily fooled the Vietnamese into believing he was a god.

Ironically, despite being an ape, Grodd does not like bananas.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-gorilla physiology/Psychic serums enhancements: After Grodd was struck by the energy of the particle accelerator explosion but also due to all the drugs Eiling injected him with, this altered his DNA and supercharged his cells, augmenting his physiology into well-beyond normal gorilla condition.
    • Super agility: Grodd can scale a building and maneuver through sewers despite his large size with minimal effort. He can also move fairly quickly for his size. He was able to catch up with the Flash when he was goaded to chase him.
    • Super durability: Grodd is durable enough to survive getting hit by a train as well as take several super speed enhanced physical attacks from Barry unfazed, showing himself even more resilient than Tony Woodward's metallic form. However, with enough velocity behind his strikes, Barry can inflict some damage on him.[7]
    • Super strength: Due to his unusually large size and modifications, Grodd has shown considerably high strength, far more than any other gorilla. With a single hand, he is able to easily lift a full-grown adult human male. As Barry attempted to perform a supersonic punch on Grodd, Grodd caught Barry's fist with relative ease and hurled him aside. His strikes can send people flying great distances in the air, with enough force to make an impact with another surface fatal. Yet despite his mighty strength, he was not strong enough to defeat Solovar.
    • Mind-controlled

      Grodd mind-controlling Caitlin Snow

      Telepathy: With the power to send neurological signals beyond himself and into others, Grodd gained mental-manipulation powers. Grodd most commonly uses this as a means to talk to others. This can also allow him to sense when people are near, quickly alerting him of the Flash running at him at Mach 1 speed. He can also control humans that are near him like puppets and maintain the control for prolonged periods of time. For offensive purposes, Grodd can overwhelm the minds of his enemies with his own negative memories and severely disorient and cripple them. Such attacks also can be projected via those under mind-control.[13] Likewise, he is able to link his mind with the puppet's, allowing him to see and hear what they do. It would appear that his range of influence is only on what he can physically perceive through his senses. Those who have been continually exposed to Grodd's power appear to develop a lasting physic bond with him. Grodd can also control someone's actions while leaving them conscious as he did with Joe. He kidnapped Caitlin over mind control and when Cisco was talking to Caitlin, she punches him under Grodd's control.[7] He can also mentally attack through the victim's own negative and traumatizing memories, as he did to Flash to make him see and feel Grodd's memories of being experimented on as if he were experiencing it himself. Barry managed to use his memories of Iris to counter this and continue to fight.


"Father taught me well; always plan ahead"

  • Genius-level intellect/Expert tactician/Manipulator/Leader: Grodd's most noticeable and dangerous trait is his high intellect, making him a threat even to humanity and other meta-humans like the Flash. In 2015, after escaping S.T.A.R. Labs, Grodd went and lived in the sewers and started making math equations on the walls of his sewer home, with his intelligence rapidly expanding. Said intellect include changing the direction of Barry's sonic punch. Very calculating and methodical in every action he takes. He is able to plan for every plausible detail several steps ahead, a trait he learned from Eobard. By 2017, he was able to construct a plan in which helped him take control of Gorilla City and all of his other fellow Gorilla-kind. He also proved to be a strong leader of Gorilla City once Solovar lost his position.
  • Hand-to-hand combatant: Grodd is a capable close-range combatant shown in his fight with Solovar, however, he has stated he was no match for the latter which was proven when they fought in Central City.
  • Multilingual: Although he was using his telepathy, it can be assumed that Grodd is capable of fluently speaking English and animal languages. By 2017, he began speaking English fluently, through telepathy.


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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Gorilla Grodd obtained his heightened intellect, telepathy and telekinesis after being exposed to the radiation of a meteorite. This same meteor also enhanced an entire troupe of gorillas which went off to create Gorilla City.
  • Grodd is unusually large and tall, even for a silverback. In real life, the normal height for male gorillas is actually close to that of humans, being around 5 feet tall or so. Grodd's height (as well as other gorillas have shown in the Arrowverse, like Solovar) clearly exceeds that.
  • Unlike comics, Grodd did not show the ability to speak the human language naturally.
  • Grodd's ironic dislike of bananas is a trait shared by his counterpart from the animated series, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited.
  • The yellow helmet Grodd had Eiling wear is likely a reference to the DCAU Grodd's mind control helmet.
  • Like in the DC comics, Grodd takes control of Gorilla City in the heart of an African jungle, though it was on Earth One in the comics.
  • When Cisco is talking about how Grodd could be an intelligent ape mad at humanity, he is referencing Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.


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