Gregory Wolfe is the former warden of Iron Heights Prison.


At some point in time Gregory become the warden of Iron Heights Prison. Under his supervision a special cell was built for James Jesse in 2010, after he had talked his psychologist, who was visiting weekly, into suicide.[1]

In 2015, Gregory took Joe West and Barry Allen to the cell of James Jesse, giving them needed background information on him and a pack of licorice, without which it is hard to question Jesse.[1]

Gregory was eventually replaced by a man with the same name, Wolfe.[2]


  • Skilled psychologist: Gregory is seen knowing exactly how to treat James Jesse, building a special cell for him and using licorice to facilitate questioning him.[1]


The Flash

Season 1


  • In the DC comics, Gregory Wolfe is a warden at Iron Heights too, but he is also a metahuman with a power of psychokinesis, able to cause muscular spasm in people, or loosen the muscles - he uses ability in his work.
  • In the DC comics, Gregory is African American, while this version is portrayed as Caucasian.


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