The Green Arrow suit is a protective suit worn by John Diggle, Jr., also known as Connor Hawke, to fight crime as Green Arrow.


Following the disappearance of the previous Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, following Grant Wilson's takeover of Star City, John donned his own suit, complete with brown straps for a quiver as well as a belt.[1]

John was wearing it when he came across the Legends, who had time travelled, mistaking him for Oliver.[2] They entered in to a quick fight before the team escape. Green Arrow soon came across a street war, attempting to engage them all but being shot, despite wearing high-density kevlar, forcing him to flee. He came across Sara Lance, before they were interrupted by Grant Wilson, flanked by a group of his men. They escaped, heading to the Arrowcave and coming across the long thought-dead Oliver Queen. They headed from there to a warehouse to find some technology, but were intercepted by Deathstroke's men, taking Green Arrow captive. Grant took him to where he had previously severed Oliver's arm, preparing to do the same. However, they were surprised by the original Green Arrow, allowing John to get loose. The two Green Arrows fought Grant, while the rest of the Legends fought his men. Oliver gave approval of John being the new Green Arrow, returning to the Arrowcave to begin work on restoring Star City.[1]


  • High-density kevlar armor: John's suit is made of high-density kevlar, intended to be able to take hard blows and thus minimal damage. However, it has been proven to be able to be pierced, with bullets injuring John.[1]
  • Identity concealment: To protect his identity, John wears a mask to help conceal his identity from his enemies. However, it is not as effective as the one Oliver Queen used; as the latter was able to recognize John.[1]

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