The Gold Gun is a weapon that was designed, under duress, by Cisco Ramon for Lisa Snart. It fires a beam of a gold-like substance, turning anything into that substance. When it hits inanimate objects, like walls or tables, it instead leaves a layer of the gold-like substance on top of the surface.


When Leonard Snart, Mick Rory and Lisa Snart captured Cisco Ramon, they forced him to create new cold and heat guns but he was also instructed, with threats, to create the Gold Gun for Lisa.[1] She used it to encase a security guard in gold and also used it to injure a guard on an armored truck.

Weapon specifications

  • Gold blast: The Gold gun can turn almost anything completely to a gold-like substance. When in use, certain lights on it turn yellow, in contrast to the Cold and Heat Guns' respective blue and red lights.

Known users


  • Similar to the Cold Gun and Heat Gun, the Gold Gun has lights that turn on when it is active; in its case, they are yellow.
  • The Gold Gun does not come with a pair of goggles because it has no glare.


The Flash

Season 1

Chronicles of Cisco


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