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God, also known as the Lord or the Creator, is the supreme being, the ruler of Heaven, and the embodiment of all that is holy, pure, good and righteous. He is worshiped as the supreme deity in Judeo-Christian religions, such as the Catholic Church and the First Assembly of God.


Creations and rebels

God is the supreme being who created the universe before time began, and presumably the Multiverse as well as having created all forms of magic, a supernatural power that manipulates primordial energies to achieve incredible feats. He also created archangels, millions of angels, and humans. At some point, an archangel, the First of the Fallen, rebelled against God for unknown reasons, forcing God to banish him from Heaven to Hell; Satan then became known as the First of the Fallen, or the Devil. The Devil's rebellion encouraged other beings who wished to become god-like in their own right, such as Lamashtu, Lilith and Pazuzu, who chose eternity as dark demon gods of Hell over a lifetime as humans. At some point, God sent the Great Flood to destroy the sinful humans, but John Constantine implied that God did this to also strike down the La Brujeria, a group of chille warlocks known to wield magic that hasn't been seen since He turned on the lights, likely because God saw the Brujeria's magic as being too dangerous, and he is known to have evacuated humans who do not have sins firsthand. God also had a son, Jesus Christ, who acted as His avatar on Earth, and whose birth, death, and life were moments extremely important to the integrity of the timeline, thus closed for time travelers to intervene with.[1][2][3][4]

Current actions

Currently, God is worshiped by many beings and religious organizations, such as the Catholic Church and the First Assembly of God, and His name is even commonly invoked in statements of surprise and disbelief in universes such as Earth One, Earth Two, and Earth Thirty-Eight. He is also the source of light magic, answering prayers and giving divine power to invocations. For example, when Anne Marie Flynn invoked God's power to protect John Constantine from Pazuzu's possession, God spread His protection upon John, allowing Anne Marie to banish Pazuzu to Hell in God's name.[5]

Notably, Oliver of Earth-X thinks that God does not exist, at least on Earth-X.[6]


God is known by many for being a benevolent being and he is firm and just in his rule over the Multiverse yet merciful in passing down judgement. His benevolence and merciful nature is displayed by the fact that rather than just killing the First of the Fallen for his rebellion, he only cast him out of Heaven. Also, while he created the Great Flood to destroy sinful humans and likely to additionally strike down La Brujeria, he had enough compassion to spare innocent humans from harm. He is also very forgiving, as he is known to be willing to protect even individuals who have sinned, as proven when God had no qualms forgiving and protecting John Constantine, a sorcerer with questionable morals and the sin of damning an innocent girl to Hell, when Anne Marie prayed for him to forgive and protect John.

Not only does God fairly reward humans who are good and have faith In him, but he is even willing to treat individuals who have sinned the same as long as they are willing to repent or humans with good intentions even if they are not committed to serving him, as he is the one who gives power to all users of light magic, which included not only innocent nuns but also nuns who have formerly sinned and desire to gain redemption, such as Anne Marie Flynn, and those who had killed and tortured others such as Oliver Queen.

Powers and abilities


  • Omnipotence: As the supreme being and ruler of Heaven, God possesses absolute power and control over everything, and can achieve anything conceivable. Holding omnipotent levels of supernatural power, God is easily unrivaled by anything and anyone and he is far more powerful than any archangel, angel, and demon; God's power also far surpasses that of the First of the Fallen, as the First of the Fallen did not dare fight God directly while furious of being banished. Presumably, there is no celestial being that rivals or surpasses his power.
    • Creation: God is so powerful that he was able to create archangels, millions of angels and humans.[1]
    • Magic: As all magic are the manipulation of primordial energies, God is the primordial creator of every magic in existence. As such, God has supreme magical powers that far outstrips any sorcerer, angel, and demon and can achieve any magical feat possible.
      • Dark Magic: Although normally associated with dark mages, demons and the First of the Fallen, it was actually God who originally created dark magic, as asall magic is the manipulation of primordial energies. His magical power appears to hold a unique but extremely powerful connection to dark magic spells to the point of being able to dispel even the First of the Fallen's power, as John Constantine was able to use a spell that contained a prayer to God and Jesus Christ to drew on the disk's own dark magic when banishing the Devil's acetate. [2]
      • Light Magic: While God is the primordial creator of all forms of magic as all forms of magic are manipulation of primordial energies,[7] light magic is God's prominent magic due to it's holy and divine nature. As such, God is the source of power between all light magic spells, with all the incantations to perform the spells of light magic using his name, and his light magic is the strongest due to it being his prominent magic, far exceeding the power of all light sorcerers. God is able to increase the strength of his followers who uses light magic should they channel a sufficiently strong amount of faith as evidenced when he gave Anne Marie Flynn the power to exorcise a demon as powerful as Pazuzu, and can also bestow protection upon other humans should said light magic practitioner pray to him to ask for his aid to do so, protecting John Constantine from Pazuzu under the behest of Anne Marie Flynn.[5]
    • Dimensional Travel: God is able to travel from Heaven to Earth, seemingly in no time at all.[1]
    • Immortality: Due to him being the supreme being, God is beyond age, illness and all forms of physical harm. As he is the supreme being, there should be no method powerful enough to harm Him. He is beyond the concepts of time, life and death, since he originally created them. God has absolute immortality.[1]
    • Omniscience: God is all-knowing and all-seeing and thus he is able to hear and respond to prayers sent by humans.[1]



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Behind the scenes

  • Historically, God is considered to be the Supreme Being and the principal object of faith in monotheistic thought.
  • In DC Comics, there are multiple versions of God, main one in the current continuity sometimes known as The Presence.


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